How To Get Fit


The process I’m about to walk you through is very important to success and completion of any good thing. If you can get this, you will be amazed at what you can do and who you are! This is a formula that I walk all of my clients through in my Elite program.

As a personal life coach I communicate a lot on and about a fit lifestyle. The importance of water, growth, healthy eating, sleep, posture, and proper mindsets are all heavily discussed. Not to mention having good, solid, encouraging, relationships are all big topics in my field of expertise. However, when I talk about a “FIT” lifestyle I am talking about creating something that works for you and encompasses health and vitality in all areas! As a coach and I talk until I’m blue in the face about what works but if it doesn’t “FIT” your lifestyle it will not work. Becoming fit in anything, whether its physical fitness or being competent for a job, requires a process and if it is a great one, you succeed. Olympic athletes have come up with their perfect plan for themselves to succeed and as your coach that was what I do. I help you create a plan to win a gold medal. A gold medal in life!

When you want to grow or change something it has to follow this plan. It has to be a F.I.T. in order to really succeed.

  • Freeing: This is the fun part. It has to work for you in being life giving. The process you put together has to be liberating — mentally, physically and emotionally. It cannot be constraining on your life. It cannot be one more thing to add to a crazy busy existence and world. If being apart of the 5 o’clock club will free you up for more time and energy than go through the dedication to make it happen! Meditate and workout before any of the world is up and do it with great enthusiasm! But, if it shortens your sleep to a negative place, and makes your afternoons always foggy, or it is just one more thing to do on your plate – it is not a freeing activity to add. Do not put the activity on your goal sheet! You will always fail if your goal is not freeing you further in your life.
  • Inspirational: This is where it motivates. The process must evoke growth, “ahh-ha” moments, and zeal. If it doesn’t inspire you, you won’t do it. It really is that simple. How do you inspire yourself to eat right and invest in your loved ones? Create your why and make it good! make it really really good!
  • Technique: This where you don’t deviate. This is your program, your template, your structure. After you have created your freeing list, your why and reasons, you stay the course, you know it works. It is a pattern you choose to create for yourself that will result in the flawless promise of better living, healthy living, exceptional living. A ballerina goes to class every day to get better at her technique. A swimmer gets himself in the pool. What are the tasks, the habits, the techniques and disciplines that you need to go back to over and over again?

That is it. Simple. Tried and True process for the best New Years list you will ever make. My goal, always, is to give you the tools to not just have a healthy heart, or strong abs, but for every aspect of your life to be whole. To be the right structure and a program that is a FIT for your life.

What looks like a FIT life for you? Describe perfection:

A truly FIT individual is not just eating right or exercising. They are doing both. They have the results they want in life.

What are the results your wanting right now?

How can this year give you greater freedom, inspiration, and a formula for living with effectiveness and excellence?

Horrible things or circumstances may come knocking but let us not allow ourselves to be the culprit of not moving in the direction we really want in life!

You have the potential. The FIT process is how you create it.

Hebrews 11:40
For God had something better in mind for us…

What is your mission?

What are the top two areas you want to focus on? -Your space/ environment -relationships-self care/health -business -education

Happy 2021!

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