Doing Something Big

Doing Something Big

I told you guys a couple a weeks ago that I was writing. Not just journaling or blogging but writing. For real writing. Its something for me that has been very big. I’m awful at grammar. I’m re-learning where to put ” and where to use proper :, (), /, . The thesaurus is my best friend!

The task has been overwhelming. It has given me neck aches and a caffeine problem. I am also not anywhere finished. I wanted to be. I’m not. Big goals and not enough time….I tend to do this to myself – often.

I am learning to be simpler. To enjoy the process and to love it more. To not be so task oriented. To give myself permission to not be perfect. Kind of like mothering – it a process, I’m not going to get it right the first time every time and I need to love it more. With that in mind I thought I would put a section out there to read. Feel free to take the prayer and use as a template for your own children. (I used multiple templates and scriptures for my prayer as well and have a similar one for my son). Enjoy.

December 12th, 2013
Revised January 12th, 2017

My Dear Daughter,
We have been praying for you and over you since before you were conceived. I wanted you to have some of my story in these letters and some of the prayers we have prayed over you. This is a retelling of part of some very influential seasons in my life. I want you to have it. Hopefully in hearing it your story may be influenced, and even greater than mine. Its about second chances, choices and God’s grace. Its about love in all its forms and its about redemption in all its facets. Heartache and pain. Growth and accomplishment. A normal life can be pretty incredible.
Working on this book has allowed me to reflect and look back at the incredible living breathing work of our Savior Jesus Christ. As scary as it has been and as raw as it is – I’m so grateful to be able to write this story out (finally!!) and take you on this journey with me. I hope it will help you find new ways to love and be incredibly unique in your very own story. The story is written in a format that follows the mental capacity and development of where the character is at in the timeline. You will see her develop emotionally and psychology through experiences and through her age.

My prayer:
I pray you are able to learn a lesson or two from these pages and enjoy the season you are in at this very moment.
I pray for your purity in life and that of your husbands. We ask for protection over both of you when it comes to your innocence and purity. Protect them Lord from others and wrong choices. Call Amberly to a higher standard. We ask for wisdom and discernment in preparing her for a life of purity and modesty. I also ask that you grant wisdom to her husband’s parents in raising a man of integrity.
Lord, we thank you for Amberly, You have heaped us with bounty and we praise you for entrusting us with her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. You chose her for us and we thank you for the miraculous gift she is to all those around her. We bless her and ask that you fill her with whatever things are true, noble, just, lovely, pure, of good report, having virtue or anything praiseworthy, let her be a woman of these things.
Lord, grant us wisdom. We ask that you impress upon her that lying, cheating and pride is wrong. Help us to train her up to be a woman of integrity and honesty starting now. We ask that you would raise her up to be proactive, one who is for what is right. May she be aggressive for your truth and what is honorable. We ask Father that you would fill her life with good relationships, first with you Lord. Help her to seek after Godly things. We ask your blessing on our relationship with her, help us to express to her and for her unconditional love; may she rise up and call us blessed. I ask for good friends for her and people who can be her extra council. People that she may feel accepted with and influenced by, let them be of great moral compass. Keep her path straight. We ask your blessing on her life by causing godly people to positively influence her life at the crossroads she will face.
Go before her and prepare the way. Protect her from the evils of this world and everyday disasters that come with it. Keep her safe when she travels and keep her healthy and of a discerning spirit in times of distress. Give her a sharp mind to use for your glory and to put to use as you see fit. Give her a holy confidence in who she is! Make her dangerous for your purposes so that she might make a greater difference in her generation. Let her grow in wisdom and favor with you, God and with others.
Lord, I am so grateful for Amberly and thank you for the life she is to live and the blessing she is for such a time as this. Bless her with the blessings of Abraham and grant her favor in this world.

I love you,
Psalms 78: 6-7
They were to rise up and tell their children so they might put their confidence in God and not forget God’s works, but keep his commands.



Recently I have been writing. A lot. I have enjoyed every minute of it too. I am very old school when it comes to writing. I like pen and notebook to do my drafts. I can go much faster that way with my thought process. (As you all know how challenging typing is for me.) I then transfer my thoughts after that. Yes, time-consuming and very slow. Its been daunting at times because the tasks I’ve been writing on have been not fully fictional. I’m writing part of my personal story inter woven into the characters I’m doing.

As I do this I have become more and more aware of just how flawed and just how amazing God’s grace has been on my life. I am not catholic but I do enjoy processing the tradition of Lent. This year,  I wanted to make sure that Easter doesn’t just pass me by with-out the thought process of what I have in Christ. As a “lifer” in the world of Christianity and my infiltration of church since six months old, It is easy to take this holiday in stride. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. I want to make sure that I am fully aware of the incarnate of Christ. Of the flesh and blood sacrifice He had for me. I want to make sure I process the beautiful gift of having a relationship with Jesus.

My personal and perfect example of grace in my life is; my husband. He is a pure gift. He makes me the best version of myself and He is perfect for me. He is part of my story. The part where I receive an earthly example of God’s unmerited favor. I was in a season of NO Boys Allowed and guarding my heart when my husband strolled down the board walk and right into my life forever. He is the calm to my tornado. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. I want to make sure I remember the gift I have in Stephen. To tell him I love him, and snuggle always. And to praise him to his highest potential.

“A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.” —Unknown Author

My children, are treasures from heaven and also reflections of God’s deepest love for me. Truly. They are a journey of trust with my Heavenly Father and also part of the deeper sides of my story. They are the part in my journey that screams, “Christ is worthy to be trusted”. They are the section that says “I can beat the odds”. They are where I can personally bring life to this world. I can have an example and light. I can create beauty. I can take part in God’s continuing story by being a mom. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. I want to make sure I love every second and don’t rush it. I want to have enough patience in Christ to walk out discipline correctly and enough grace and understanding to know we will all mess up. I want to catch the moment like catching fireflies. Releasing this season only after all the joy has been had. I want to remember this opportunity as the pure blessing that it is.

“The soul is healed by being with children.”― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

What are you remembering in this season of LENT?

Ephesians 2:8  made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.