Savoring the Creative

Genesis 1
1 When God began creating[a] the heavens and the earth, 2 the earth was[b] a shapeless, chaotic mass,* with the Spirit of God brooding over…..
26 Then God said, “Let us make a man[i]—someone like ourselves,……
With the leaves blossoming and sunshine and school in full force there is something about Fall that evokes inspiration. Newness. Change. Growth. This Fall I have a six month baby and a toddler who wants to do things all by her self. I am lacking sleep and desperately needing some yoga classes. Yet, I still am trying to capture the creative process that God has given me by staying on top of my own learning agenda and keeping up with writing. What are you doing to help cultivate creativity in your life?
A journal is something that really helps me to open up my mind to ideas and to my personal emotions. I personally believe that emotions play a huge role in the creative process. I am not talking about being some famous painter who throws out his emotions on his sleeve for hours on end and the doesn’t do anything when in a sad state. You can be creative with the little things in life. Being intentional with your time can help cultivate this. Carving out even just a sliver of time to write, play an instrument, or read an inspiring article on wood working can make a huge impact on how big you could go if you only tried. What’s something big you want to make?
Are you down on the floor coloring with your kids? Are you allowing space to savor the moments you have now? Even making spaghetti sauce can be creative! You were made in God’s image and creating beauty is something all of us love and can do.
So as you think about what you are wanting to jump out and create let me remind you to enjoy the process and savor it. Find out what your hobbies are – it could be your next big thing! So often we get caught up in our day-to-day that we fail to see we are building and creating the life we want to live on a minute-by-minute basis. Savoring it is something God did everyday of His process in creating the World! Make sure you are savoring life even in your now.

Genesis 1: 12b 
And so it was, and God was pleased

So Savor: relish, taste, appreciate, and look to what you can create today. A better meal, a better blog post, a better enviroment for your kids to be in, a better attitude or maybe the start of that novel or book you have always wanted to write. Maybe your just creating the space in your schedule so that you can “create” eventually.
Here are some tips on how to create:
– Becoming aware of a challenge or opportunity within a domain of you personal interest
– Possibility thinking; problem finding – What are looking to change?
– Maintaining a healthy state of mind (alertness, attitude, brain health, and outlook)
– Applying thinking skills to develop solutions
– Learning future thinking – Go for the big goals and far-out their future
– Learning and practicing leadership skills
* Monitoring progress; sometimes requires starting over or admitting failure and wrong assumptions
– Reflecting on the experience, celebrating the solution or lack there of

I Can’t Ice A Cake!!

Disclaimer: For any of you who look up to me, consider me a roll model or think I’ve got it all together: this post will undoubtedly crash your view of me.
For those of you who are thinking of or are one of my deepest friends; thanks for not judging and for being apart of my crazy, wonderful world!

Recently, my oldest child turned two. I swore I was not going to go over the top with her second birthday and refrain from ordering 50+ invitations in gloss format. It was hard but I did it. I refused to look at pinterest for over a month for fear of getting grande ideas and going over the top.
She is my miracle baby. The one mommy wasn’t sure she wanted and then really wanted and then couldn’t. She is also a girl and I can’t resist the opportunity to do everything up in frills and lace any chance I get! I can see how I can go over board with showering her with a ridiculous amount of non-essentials just because mommy wants to show her, the whole world, and God that she is a treasure!
So instead of a big event we opted for an informal BBQ with some close friends and the grandparents. My daughter still wore the princess crown and the birthday girl shirt and mommy painted her nails but it was “casual” (for me at least). I also wanted to make her cake. A gluten-free beauty with “Happy Birthday” scrolled perfectly over the top in organic sprinkles.
I made the cake and despite it being a bit dry, I figured I could work it. When I was growing up my mother made the coolest cakes. She created Barbie doll dresses, cars, drew planes on top (not stuck a figure of one but actually drew!). I even had a ice-skating cake once where she put me and my daddy figure skating! I assumed, “Happy Birthday” written out shouldn’t be that hard.
I was wrong! It’s really hard!! I did it but it looked like a five-year old who couldn’t spell tried to do it. I scraped off icing and tried three more times only to have my husband come home and declare “Oh honey that’s sweet. Amberly helped.”
While attempting all this I look over to find my almost two-year old shoving dog treats down my five month olds mouth! I flipped out!
“I’m the worst mom ever…I can’t do this.”
“If people find out about this I’ll never have friends”.
“How did I take care of 300+ students/toddlers just three years ago?”
One hour later the lettering on the cake had slid off completely.
What surprised me about this whole endeavor? (besides the dog treats) I was more worried about the fact that people would think I was a culinary catastrophe then the joy of the event.
First of all everyone that was coming were really close friends or family. They already know I’m Koo-koo. They love me to pieces and/or care more about our daughter then to say anything about the interesting cake.
Why then was I so worried? Why can’t we as women drop the “perfectionistic” tendencies in order to love and be loved. People can’t get to know an image very well.
The Pharisees’ in the Bible tried to hold it all together, look the part, and point fingers at others’ flaws. All the while they missed out on relationships. One of them being the most important man in all of history!
Are you missing out on authentic relationship because of judging or fear of being judged?
What are you going to do about it?
For me, I had to call three people immediately and tell them my blunder. Then get over the fact that hey, I can’t ice a cake.
F.Y.I. It tasted great!

Happy Life

My pastor is doing a sermon series on being “Happy”. I have gotten a lot out of the series. Maybe not what the pastor’s initial focus for the series was, but I am being spoken too.

On top of this, my husband just came back from a mini conference where the speaker talked on similar topics. What it really means to engage in life. He talked about “quitting” and the art of not doing. All for the sake of greater relationships and focus on what really matters to you.

So today, I am posting a template for what I am choosing to go after and in that I have also chosen what I am not going after. I encourage you to do the same. If we aren’t careful the world will choose for us and we will finish our life and wonder “what happened, I didn’t do what I wanted”. Don’t let busyness or things that don’t fully matter to you get in the way of creating your dreams!!! Often we find that there are things that keep us preoccupied that dont really matter. What are you doing to eliminate these?

+Feel free to use this template as a starting place (I used others to help create mine)


In order to have productivity and achievement in life I must be a happy person, generally speaking. In order to be a happy person I must be a healthy person in all areas. Ultimate goal and purpose in life: to have a temple that reflects Christ in every form, physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional. I surrender my all to Him! I promise to strive to be my best!
I, Kate, am ready to work hard and to keep at it when circumstances work against me. I will take control and focus on optimal living and a healthy lifestyle. By signing this contract, I am making an unconditional commitment, to those who love and care about me, to myself, and to God. I will give my best every day.

From now on, I will be truthful even when it hurts. I will stop buying my old excuses – they will no longer hold me back from being the person I want to be. I will also be forgiving of my past. I accept that I have been slacking in some areas but I am done living with disappointment. I am ready to be totally committed to creating the life I want and God has for me no matter what curve balls life throws my way. In order to do this forever, I will take responsibility in my continued growth. I will be interested in the areas I am working on and will try to love every aspect of it. I will refuse to allow none topics/issues to get in the way/bother me from what I am working on!

I accept that this is going to be difficult some days and that at times I will be frustrated and uncomfortable. However, I also know doing anything great and worth while requires patience, perseverance, and endurance. This is also what makes us “great”! By living according to this agreement I will put an end to the old me. I have a new mind in Christ! With God’s help and my unconditional commitment, I am ready to be done with fighting myself/this war. I completely and enthusiastically surrender my all to God’s best.

X_Kate Dahlin__Date:_September 3rd, 2015____