Holding Your Breath

Two weeks before Christmas, My husband came home with out a job and having internal stomach issues. The health scare quickly vanished after doctor consultations and being on the phone with numerious nurses. The job loss however, stayed with us. This has caused us to suck in wind and blink a few extra times. But besides the little blip  of “holy smokes, oh snap” it hasn’t moved us beyond that. We still had Christmas. We are still going on our family trips. We are still taking our kids to the museum. How you say? Why aren’t you freaking out? You have two little kids and a mortgage…and NO job!

Two things.

  1. Living below your means
  2. Creating an emergency fund!                                                                        Bonus: I also believe in being a good steward of what God has given you and using the brain God gave you. That means save, people!                            “Give, Save, and then live on the rest.” – Andy Stanley

I’m not saying that praying is not vital. Trusting in God’s provision is something I believe in and practice! I’m just saying, be wise. Do your part.

Our civilization has enough issues and fears to fight against. Don’t make it harder on yourselves by adding to it things you can avoid or at least help soften the blow. You can’t avoid everything but you can make wise choices and in that create breathing room even in the “emergency”.

The template that my family runs on is this:

give 10% minimum away. save 10%-20% out of every pay check. Build your budget around the rest. Try to always have 4-6 months living expenses.

Most people would say “If I did that I couldn’t live”. If this is your response I would say that your probably living at a level you shouldn’t be living anyway.

I am all for fun. I love vacations! I love nice things and even designer watches and handbags. My closet is full of shoes! I am not a minimalist. BUT I DO NOT live above the sound advice of what scripture teaches and wise people say when it comes to $$. It’s just not worth it.

Were still looking for the next job and next adventure but we are being smart about it. We’re choosing to trust God and to be cheerful with where we are and where He is taking us. Are you?

Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Colossians 3:23

My Holiday Tips

Life can be a bit crazy during this season. It can be fun, festive and a much needed break from the grind of most of the year. It can also be chock full of family drama, to many party drinks, dry skin, late nights and $$ issues. So here are my thoughts on the matter:IMG_1219

  1. bubble baths are not a option, but a must!
  2. learn to say “no”
  3. dont allow the extended family to mess with your immediate family
  4.  you already have enough; choose to bless oragnaizations that are in true need
  5. chapstick and essential lotions are mandates
  6. write down what your thankful for – it will keep you grounded when you hear all the sad and negative news in the world
  7. wear something sparkly
  8. host a party – even if its just for you
  9. nsync holiday music is a “happy” in life
  10. go to your favorite coffee shop at least once
  11. drive around and look at christmas lights
  12. detox BEFORE the new year! Its a great head start
  13. never put a limit on fun – just make sure it always stays fun (headaches or dark circles the next day are NOT fun)
  14. re-read the Christmas story (from every gospel)
  15. say “Merry Christmas!” more
  16. wear fuzzy socks – they are the best
  17. shape your eyebrows and clean your wedding rings
  18. hug people more and shake hands less
  19. never ever shop for Christmas presents the week of – it is never fun
  20. a glowing complextion is nice but a glowing heart is best!