7 Best Habits to Make for Your Future

Many people create massive goals and expectations at the beginning of the year. I would like to give you a different way of running life for 2021. Do these seven things weekly. Some weeks may be busy, some weeks you may be on vacation, or running kids to ball practice. These seven thing you can do every single week and they will be life changing.

They say that only 60% of resolutions actually happen but that if you create habits you transform.

  1. Drink more water. Everyday! Whatever your body weight is divide in half and drink that in oz.
  2. Read. My recommendation is 20 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be anything profound. Just read. This year I am focusing way more on fun and because of that choosing my reading accordingly. Not as much self education and way more teen fiction but reading is a kind of therapy and growth in and of itself.
  3. Get 15 minutes of sun everyday. If you can’t get it from real sun than buy a light therapy lap. There are many brands out there but I personally have Miroco light for grey and cold winter days.
  4. 5 second hug. With the epidemic of 2020 we all understand the value of touch far more than we did just over a year ago but do you hold on to someone long enough? Research surest that it can take up to five-seconds to register touch sometimes. This is do to a fast pace and distracted world. Almost like your automatic “you too” when someone says have a good day. Pause long enough to register the touch.
  5. Epson salt baths. I take probably two to four of these a week. (It is where I read.) Study’s show epson salt helps sleep, stress levels, exercise recovery, skin and energy levels. I love to do this and add essential oils to it as well.
  6. Sweat. You don’t have to be an avid athlete however, you should allow your body to sweat on a regular basis to detox and cleanse it self from impurities. If you’re not a fan of HIIT workouts or long runs then maybe try a sauna.
  7. Take a Sabbath. Every single week give your self a break. Rest was made for us before we ever “needed” it. It is not a need do to lack but more of a privilege born out of plenty.

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