Branding Self

I am learning what it means to Brand. Recently, I have been working on a business venture/opportunity. I have become a health and lifestyle coach. As a former ballet dancer turned mom, with a passion for helping equip people to live exceptionally, this has been an awesome journey. I have loved expanding myself in this [...]

True Love

My husband’s thoughts on ture love. I couldn’t have posted it better!

Stephen's Blog

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching!  Grab those roses, gifts that come in small boxes, and reservations for those sold out restaurants.  But before getting swept up in the emotions of the weekend I wonder if we can touch on this topic of love.

If you are married you probably think you have a grasp on this… or at least you do a pretty good job at it.  Sure, we can make our spouses feel loved, appreciated, important, valued and choose to be a servant leader in the relationship.  We can prove our commitment and dedication by being a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual partner – sharing in the natural ups and downs of life and being a source of strength.  While this is extremely important and should be your highest prioritized relationship after Christ, I wonder if we adopt this same effort and attitude towards…

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Coached By Kate

  Recently, I have had the privilege of starting something pretty exciting. As I have jumped from ballet dancer and dance teacher to a full fledged "stay-at home" mom I have had time to think about the "what next". To further see what God has placed in store for me. As far as I can [...]