How to have Confidence

How to have Confidence

Self perception can create illogical wars and a waste of time but it is something that every single person deals with from time to time. Some deal with it more than others. It also can create such a turmoil in the head that it can break your spirit toward growth and productivity. Crushing any chances of moving forward and changing for the better.

Recently I have been bombarded by some negatively. Not the ones where people attach you or say mean things but much worse. When people are pessimistic, betray your confidence, steal you ideas, and not invite you to things.

How do you move forward from these endeavours with grace and love? Having the strength to believe in who you really are despite anybody and everything else?

It’s just as easy to believe we’re awesome as it is to believe were giant sucking things. -Jen Sincero

So are you going to choose to see yourself falsely or are you going to see yourself as who you really are?

Your are:

Matt. 5: 13.       the salt of the earth.

Matt.5: 14.        the light of the world.

John 1: 12.         a child of God and part of His family. (Rom.8: 16).

John 15: 1-5.     part of the true vine, a channel of Christ’s life.

John 15: 15.      Christ’s friend.

John 15: 16.      chosen and appointed by Christ to bear His fruit.

Romans 8: 17.   a joint heir with Christ, sharing His inheritance with Him.

1 Cor.3: 16       a temple (home) of God. His Spirit (His life) dwells in me. (1Co.6:19)

2Cor.5: 18-19.   reconciled to God and am a minister of reconciliation.

Gal.3: 26-28.      a son of God and one in Christ.

Gal.4:  6-7.         an heir of God.

Eph.2: 10.           God’s workmanship handiwork created anew in Christ to do His work

Eph.2: 19.           a fellow citizen with the rest of God’s people in His family.

Eph.4: 24.           righteous and holy.

Phil.3: 20.           a citizen of heaven right now. (Eph.2: 6).

Col.3: 4.              an expression of the life of Christ because He is my life.

Col.3: 12.            chosen of God, holy, and dearly beloved.

1Pet.2: 5.           one of God’s living stones and being built up, in Christ, as a spiritual house.

1Pet.2: 9-10.     a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession

We can choose to dwell on the negative or we can take the same energy and dwell on the truth and stand in grace. Seeing what God see’s in ourselves and in others. Loving the way Jesus loves also means loving yourself the way He see’s you. You are magnificent, perfect in Christ, brilliantly made for amazing purpose’s, and capable of living that way! Do not allow the enemy or anyone else one more minute of your precious time and space. Call out who you are and stand in that confidence! I believe in you, and so does God. Keep reaching!

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made your works are wonderful, I know that full well.



This topic is something that many people have become very opinionated and strong on. I want to be clear. These are my thoughts and what has worked for me. For me the detoxifying life has become a term that is part of my lifestyle. Not a diet. For me I detox regularly from many things and not just food. I eliminate days off social media in my life. I detox from chores when I go on vacation. I detox from shopping besides the grocery store.

Food is such a powerful regulator of our biology and detox is huge. It literally makes a world of difference. But when I detox I make sure I put in the good. It’s not just about limiting and taking the toxic things out. It’s about choosing the good and the healthier to replace the bad.

When I do a detox I do it to feel good, to get from feeling decent to feeling GREAT. I have been an athlete my entire life. I love dancing, yoga, am a mild runner, and am passionate about growing my own garden. When I decide to go all out and clear out, I am aware of the tweaks that I need to do because I have slide just a bit. This is not a massive diet strategy because I need to lose 70 lbs or want to go from couch to tri-athlete in six weeks. So remember, if this looks super over the top and strict for you, it might be. If you are going from eating fast food and milkshakes everyday I don’t assume that you are going to be doing this detox program. However, I am an average american that enjoys her wine and cake too. I am not gluten-free or vegan 24/7 so this plan does work a ton for my clients that want a little boost.

What I eliminate: processed carbs, sugar, dairy, meat and sometimes even fruit for a few days.

What I don’t give up: coffee.

I have done this before but I am in a place with my health now that I don’t put sugar or cream in my coffee. I drink it black and I buy organic and this is pure enjoyment for me. The effects of taking this out for me are usually far worse than what eliminating does for me. BUT….If you are dumping a pound of sugar and cream in to a cup and calling it coffee do not fool yourself. Eliminate it!!!

What I ADD: 

Vegan protein mixes, tons of fresh veggies, and a detox soup I make for dinners. I add tons of water!! Tons. I drink coconut water and green smoothies and salad every day.

I do try to do this every season change. And it makes me feel amazing!!

My struggle: Cheese and Alcohol elimination. Now this is going to come out and I know I’m going to get judged on this. Here me out. When I do this I do it for 10-14 days and its over two weekends. The weekends are just harder for me. My husband and I enjoy a good grill-out and a glass of wine on our deck and we host big dinner nights regularly. For whatever reason the minute I decide to do this it always seems to fall on a celebration weekend and its so hard for me! I hate missing out on the festivities.

My Recipes:

Detox water

(make up and seep in fridge over night)

2 liters water,

1 whole cucumber

1 lemon

mint leaves

Leek Soup

2 leeks – white and green parts washed

10 cauliflower heads sliced up

1 carrot diced

3/4 cup greens (this is an estimate It might be more) cut into slices

4 cups of organic vegetable stock

1 Tbs olive oil or coconut oil

pepper to taste

herbs to your taste

Simmer the leeks in a pan with the oil. Add the other veggies to stir fry. Add in the vegetable stock and some water if needed. Season to taste.






The Podcasts that Inspire and Can Change Your Life

The Podcasts that Inspire and Can Change Your Life

The is a list. Podcasts are all the rage right now. They are the new platform to get a message out. It is also one of the best ways to get inspiration and free therapy. Literally. I love podcasts because they are such a great resource. I listen to many different people and many diffrent ideas but they all have the same befit for me. They make me better. When you can feed your soul and be pumped by others (and for free!) you should do it!! This is none negotiable for those that want to create growth in life. The struggle here is wading through the fluff and finding the ones that really speak out to you. There are many recommendations – these are my personal favorites.

Here are my top podcasts and why:

Wire talk with Karen Stubbs – Birds on a Wire : this one is for all you moms out there. Inspiring and encouraging this podcasts gives you easy to implement thoughts on everything about mom life. Empowering on being the best version in this role.

Rise with Rachel Hollis : You want to be a super star? Listen. She is awesome. I relate a ton to her. I met my hubby at 19 as she met her’s. Her life long dream of writing – mine. Her lack of education but loads of street smart – check. She had a heart for foster kids too.

North Point Community Church : spiritual growth of the highest quality and yet practical and down to earth application. This is my church and I am passionate about how they run growing a relationship with Jesus

The Brendon Show : rock star status here you come!! A high performance coach and a Oprah recommendation he is a star to the stars. Fantastic business and life coaching.

The Life Coach School : Don’t have the money for a coach? Learn some tips on how to self coach! I use this format in my own coaching and have done training with this woman’s program.

Read Aloud Revival : The incredible benefits of hearing and not just silently reading. All the book recommendations you could want and how to have a culture of reading in your home.

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker : relevant and controversial topics discussed here. She is someone who stretched the thinking regularly.

Tony Robbins podcast : sounds a little too crazy and feel-y? Does he makes you jump and yell and shout things out in your car? Yep. But His techniques have transformed the 1st world and can transform your head game too.


Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” — Bruce Lee

Balance in Life

Balance in Life

There are a lot of interpretations of “balance”. Summer is perfect time to talk about this. Many of us use summer life to realign our lives. Who gets to define the definition of a balanced life? What does it look like really? According to the dictionary the definition is described as…

  1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc
  2. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
  3. (in winemaking) the degree to which all the attributes of a wine are in harmony, with none either too prominent or deficient.

Some people think you should live life “un-balanced” in order to thrive. And I partially agree with them.  Somethings are better off unbalanced. Being balanced means you can’t be hard-core in anything because you must have the same ratio with everything. I do not beleive there is such thing as work/life balance – life is also great work if you are striving for anything at all. Only work versus rest can ever look to find a “balance”.

Instead of talking about balanced forces and/or whether “unbalanced” is actually healthier let’s use a completely different phrase. Well rounded. I like this phrase because this individual has learned the art of using balance and unbalance to their advantage.

It’s about how to have unbalance and do it the right way. This in turn gives us the space and emotional stability that we all are craving. Every single one of us wants the calm presence and confidence that we’re doing life the way we are supposed to.

Balance actually starts with a thought process. A well rounded thought process is about finding rest, positive space, and energy to max out your life in a fashion that you see as productive. It’s about finding the mental position in life that no matter what comes our way and no matter what circumstances we find ourself in we are able to weigh it correctly and make the right choice.

Are you on auto pilot mode with how you think?

What you think, you start to feel, and what you feel creates your actions.

What actions are you creating by what your thinking? Certain thoughts create certain feelings that can really spiral us in an unhealthy way. The reverse is also true.

This knowledge can be inspirational in how you want to run your life.  I am not teaching anything that hasn’t been taught before. However, let us be reminded;

You are what you think.

Are you thinking stressful thoughts? Are you thinking – you can’t do it? Are you thinking in a balanced way?

Positive Action is based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. … The essence of the program is to emphasize those actions that promote a healthy and positive cycle.

Here are my tips for creating a positive thought process, positive results, and a well-rounded life.

  1. Plan your week and write your top focuses out!!! Every single Sunday start off with this practice – (it will change your life)
  2. Get in t some sunshine time everyday you can; if it’s not pouring rain you should not have an excuse for not going outside – this bursts energy and joy like nothing else can. Put on your sunscreen and get outdoors
  3. Drink lots of fresh water
  4. Speak something lovely to yourself everyday – quotes, mantras and beautiful phrases are everywhere
  5. Follow people who inspire – you are who you spend time with and now with so much social media at your finger tips you can literally follow, be apart of and even engage with the most inspiring people on earth. There is no excuse for allowing others to drag you down and that don’t fill you. Be a light to others but follow people who are light for you.
  6. Sit up and stand up! Correct posture brings composure. With that it in play it gives you a feeling of well roundedness and assurance. It creates positive action.

Eph 4:23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;…


Max Out Monday

Max Out Monday

Your Monday is so important!!  How you handle the start – can actually transform your entire life! How you choose to max out the first of your literal week gives you the drive, momentum, and purpose of where you’ll get to and where you want to go.  It creates the higher performing life that so many of us strive for.

So often we as humans (and particularly Americans) choose to look at Monday as a drag. We look at the start of work, lists, schedules, school, homework, laundry and everything else as exhausting, grueling, and just something we have to get through. Many of us need piles of coffee and a hot shower just to get rolling and to make it to next weekend.

I’m here to tell you today that you do not have to live that way. How do you make it seem like a weekend every day? To create passion for the grueling start to your week from the very beginning seems impossible. How do you make Monday’s Look like Friday afternoon?!

When you can look at life as discovering your best you will learn how to physically, mentally, emotionally, and creatively think past the exhaustion of Monday.

Monday is the start of a fresh new perspective, a fresh new week. The opportunity for growth, for expansion, for changing what you did wrong yesterday, last week, and even last month. It is the chance to be something better than you were even from last night. You can recover you’re happy, thriving, self out of your never-ending demands, career pressures, and stresses of every day life.

Number One: You must start on Sunday. Every person that has a go-getter mentality and a high performance process starts off by making their week start the night before. They lay out their outfits, they create their goals, they prepare the coffee, or write their mantra one more time or their life goals.

Your goals are what you want to do, your lists are what you feel you should do. Focus on your wants and dreams and your Monday doesn’t become Monday. It becomes monumental.

Number Two: Start by setting boundaries and embracing rest. In the chaos of the schedule, we can lose sight of the importance of breathing room. On our very first day if we max out to the point of burn out the rest of the week is toasted. Each Monday I select one thing that I want to do for that day and then for that week. Making lunches, getting the kids off, Menu planning, laundry started, calls made. It can be wonderful to check off all of these things on your list but it can also be daunting when you have nothing else to look forward to. Many of us look towards the weekends because it’s the joy of the things that we want to do versus what we “have” to do. On Monday what do you want to do? You have your chores, you have your list, you have your work but, you can also create space for the little things that create passion and zeal for the rest of your life.

Number Three:  Do not give yourself to monster list. I use to think maxing out your Mondays meant over scheduling yourself to the point of just being bone tired and exhausted by the day’s end. What I have come to find out is when you do that you have no energy or any reserve left for Tuesday. When you create your list I want you to think of the top five to 10 (max 12) things for your day and one of them should be you’re want. Getting too far past the top 10 things and you hit a negative reserve. It backfires, and becomes counterintuitive.  Maxing out credit cards, and even weightlifting, there is a point when it becomes dangerous. Learning where your max is and rest is key in order to keep growing. To max out Mondays correctly you need to give yourself a break. Every single client – if they go past the 12 tops things on Monday, by Friday it doesn’t work. I’m talking about real legitimate goal, big ideas and big tasks on your list. Just don’t go past 10.

Number Five: Exercise. Do not give yourself excuses – do not go without this rule. Monday means exercise. I cannot state this enough.

Number Six: Utilize your commute time. Find the Podcasts, the books, the music that you want to listen to, and read. Make this inspirational and creative time. It’s the motivation that these tasks give that further your resolutions and goals. Try and make this time for feeding your bigger picture and for encouragement. Read books and listen to the things that inspire.

Number Seven: Do something for someone else. When you think of others you are thinking bigger. You are choosing to bring joy to more than your own personal bubble. You are creating ripple effects that Only God himself can see, when you give forward. The reward is far greater than I can even explain or fully understand. It is a beautiful masterpiece that God has created. When we become apart of others stories, we expand our very own and in doing so in large our hearts.

“It is not enough to be busy… The question is: what are we busy about?” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Kate”s Monday list:

  1. Do one thing I want to
  2. Listen to a podcast
  3. Workout
  4. Do not go over 12 items on my “to do”
  5. Start on Sunday
  6. Do something for someone else