Rise and Shine!!

I love summer time. The sun peaks out later in the am and you can have 8:30pm dinners on your back deck. I love afternoon tea and a really good workout before dinner. I love to write in the middle of the afternoon when I feel a nice amount of music and down time can get my creative juices going. I am NOT a morning person.
My husband crashes by 2pm every day and he either works out in the am or not at all. He loves to drive to work with the sun and loves his coffee and planning time before the house is even humming from the AC turning on. He is a morning person; and seems to be more put together because of it.
There is something amazing about being able to get up and use that time wisely. I mean you gain 1/2 a day really! Why is it so hard for me? For those of you who struggle with this concept I am right there with you! It has been a real battle for me lately. I want to be proactive when it comes to this and I know I feel amazing when I wake up to my days before they wake up to me (Kids crying, coffee calling, still in PJs at 10:30). So how do we create this opportunity and actually stick to it? I have tried many times to be up. I have even done the 5:30 jog (for about three months). It was great, it felt amazing when I did it and I even began to crave it. However, for me, keeping it up was legitimately not possible. So where do I find the balance?

Proverbs 19:15
15 A lazy man sleeps soundly—and he goes hungry!

This verse is frightening! It also explains that my soul is going hungry for the time that I am missing out on. People who get up early are statistically more proactive, more energized, more gracious and put together (they had time to brush their hair) they make more money, and are the creators and for-thinkers of the modern world.
Balance is key here. You can not expect yourself to get up at 5am when you don’t go to bed until 1. You also can’t expect yourself to be up that early and to keep it up during seasons of unrest, stress or high work. Perfection is not something those of us who struggle with this can expect to have right away, we can create a game plan to maximize our time and our energies. If you are a more afternoon bloomer than your morning can be your down time or you workout time so that your evenings can be opened up more for family and friends. You might not create you game plan for the day, write a book, and manage to make muffins for your whole neighborhood during that half hr you carved out, but just maybe you can finally go and read that book you still have from Christmas.
To help create for yourself a game plan for getting up earlier I have some questions I have formulated (for myself) that I think would be helpful in creating the reason why you want to be up and what that time is being served for.
– What do you want to gain from the extra hr?
Ideas: Healthier start, exercise every day, quiet before the rush, reading, meditation, time to work on goals, just plain “me” time.
– Why is it not happening now?
Ideas: not going to bed on time, allowing laziness to drive you, trying to get up way to far off from what your use too.
– Am I trying for something to far out of my norm?
I.E.: you use to get up at 8 and now you are trying for 5:30….maybe try for 7 first.
– Am I getting back on the wagon when I do mess up or allowing it to drag me down into old habits?
– What am I going to do today and tomorrow to start doing?
Ideas: Lay out outfit, set alarm, go to bed earlier…
As you contemplate these questions and elaborate on them let me encourage you by saying,

“Only you know what is holding you back from creating the schedule and life your born for. Life is a gift, don’t take one second for granted! Go after it, Get up, and make it happen!!” – Kate


I wanted to scream. It was just one of those days. You know the ones; the very bad, no good day. Kids were screaming, daughter had already drawn maker all over the table and now I couldn’t get into my blog site because the server has been down and this was day two of all this!!! I had found out my mother’s friend passed away and a another friend’s cancer treatments weren’t going well. A best friend was moving and my two-year old had been having night terrors so I was sleep deprived and worn down. Just a bad day.

There are days you can bounce back and then there are days that seem like you can’t. How do move forward and recover after day two? When the next day after the bad day is another bad day what are your options? What if its been a bad week, month or year?
This is where I was at and I had to get myself out of the funk or risk spiraling downward mentally and emotionally for a very long time.

If you are like me and have had one of these days recently or are feeling a day like this is soon approaching here are my personal coaching tips for getting up after striking out.

Step one: What can I do?

I can wash the maker stains out with magic dry erasers (those things are amazing). I can cuddle with the crying child and I can look at moving to another server for my blog site. I can pray for my mom and her time of grieving. I can send over the extra chocolate cake to my friend who is going through cancer. This is reality. Swallow. Breath. Move on.


Step two: What I can’t do (and letting it go)
I can’t recover my previous blog posts!!! I can’t drive down to florida for my mom at this exact moment. I can’t wave a wand and make my friend ok. I can’t make my child stop crying if she doesn’t want to. I can’t “zone out”! This is reality.
I like to be in control and to fix things, somethings you just can’t. Letting the simple fact settle in that you can’t change something can be the hardest part, but also the most important step to moving forward.

Step three: Commit to looking through “rose colored glasses”

You have to choose to just be positive. My husband and I were characterized as people who see through rose-colored lenses when it comes our marriage – meaning we like the fairy tale and sometimes don’t “live in reality”. For me, I have decided to try to look at everything else in life this way. Looking at things through pink clouds and the best possible outcome can have a positive effect on your attitude and your outlook. I’m not saying to deny your circumstances. Life can be hard. It can throw you a curve ball that makes you feel like your out of the game. Maybe you soon will be. However, how does being a “downer” help? The worst thing could happen. The diagnosis is real. The end of the world could be tomorrow…why does dwelling, standing in fear, or reading all about it help? Thinking on the positive is sometimes the only way to get yourself out of the fix you feel you are in.

We do what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

I hope that wherever you are and however hard it may seem right now that you can pull back and do these simple steps to creating a better day, a better impact, and a better version of yourself.
Exodus 13:21
The Lord went before them, in a pillar of cloud during the day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire during the night to give them light. So they could travel…