About the site and the writer


Who is Kate?

I am a previous ballet teacher and now home manager, writer, women’s lifestyle coach, and marriage mentor. I live in the metro Atlanta area with my husband, puppy, and two children. I love to cook, read a good book, and be at the beach every chance I get. I am passionate about healthy living and a balanced and fit lifestyle. I love to see people reach their highest goals and to thrive in their life! Currently I am working as a Lifestyle and Health Consultant while furthering people to excellence in marriage with my co-writer and husband, Steve.

Why “Creating Exceptional” ?

This site is to help encourage people to reach for the moon and to live brilliantly right where they are! The title of the blog came to me years and years ago and encourages me personally that it’s not about perfection in life, but exceptional living and grace in this exact moment. The blog is about learning to live and grow. To act out of creating a life worth loving. I write on the topics of health, home life, balance, spiritual disciplines, marraige and romance, as well as all things pertaining to creating a better you!

My story:

As the oldest of five children and a former ballet instructor life with a schedule and a set of goals has always been my thing. However, learning to implement these tasks and become a doer of them (not just a planner) is still something I am continually working towards.

My two children were un11059533_10206287915532497_7281574153348437742_nder the age of two at the time of starting this site and my role of mother and whole health activist is something that is a strong theme in my life. These are the lifelines that create the rest of my focal points in why I do what I do. This, along with my love for helping implement positive change in people’s lives, has brought me to a place of blogging and writing. I have always loved to write and this was just the natural next step. Filling pages and pages of a journal was my origianl rough draft of the blog Creating Exceptional. As I progressed with the blog and the topics of family life, Marriage Coaching grew to be a strong thread for cultivating an Exceptional home life and my husband joined in on the input. At this point in time I write on things pertaining to Excellence Coaching and Lifestyle growth.




I look forward to connecting with you!!

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