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I believe in a well-rounded life and in whole health. That there is great truth in having more than you show and speaking less than you know. I stand behind the notion that people have inherit value and family unity matters. I believe in encouraging and pointing others to greater heights of excellence. To reassure others (and myself) of our values, to dream really big, and to savor the subtle beauty of everyday things. I am a believer and an advocate for the institution of God designed marriages. I stand behind an adventurous heart and that the opportunity of your deepest desires is always worth the effort and the risk.  I believe in the passionate pursuit of balance – between hard work and rest. To live well is to live with passion, dedication, and the love of Christ Jesus.

– Kate Dahlin


With that being said here are a few free resources, questions, and helpful pages for you to create The Exceptional!

-Are there people that you’d love to spend more time with? If so whom and why?

-Is there a hobby you’ve wanted to spend more time on? If so what?

-Is there a class or workshop you’ve been meaning to take?

-Is there a new career direction you would like to explore?

-What else have you always wanted to do?

-What are you struggling with right now?

-What makes you feel tired?

-What is one thing you can do today to move you forward?

Lifestyle Expert Coach Kate Dahlin

My goal is to help instill the life skills you need to have a more fulfilling, purposeful, and bigger vision of what’s possible.

Change your thoughts from a Negative Tone to a Positive One

Eliminating negative self-talk can be a great way to manage and reduce stress. Self-talk refers to the constant stream of internal dialogue and unspoken thoughts that we all experience throughout the day. These thoughts are automatic responses to the things we encounter in our daily lives. While it may seem like these thoughts are automatic and therefore out of our control, this is not entirely the case. These thoughts are often the result of our views, perceptions and beliefs, and therefore can be influenced by how we choose to view the world. Having positive self-talk can take practice. However, if you choose to have a positive outlook on life, eventually, your self-talk will become more positive, as well.