Clean sweep program

The new year! Here is a sheet I love to use as a fresh start to everything. This is a sheet I use for myself. You have more natural energy when you are clear with your environment, health and emotional balance, money and relationships. An Oraganized life gives you greater potential for the things ahead!

“The Checklist to Organized” consists of 100 items which, when completed, give you the vitality, strength, and peace you are desiring. The original sheets I started with were from coaching program I worked through. I have re-written and tailored the program to be more benificial for my personal needs as well as my clients.


Check off each statement when it is true for you. Don’t rush.



My personal files, papers and receipts are neatly filed away in a system that works for my personal needs.

My car is in excellent condition. (Doesn’t need mechanical work, repairs, cleaning or replacing)

My home is neat, clean and a haven. (Vacuumed, closets clean, desks and tables clear, furniture in good repair; windows clean; nice things I like and use, updating on a normal level)

My clothes make me look great. (No wrinkles, baskets of laundry, torn, out-of-date or ill-fitting clothes)

My plants and animals are healthy. (Fed, watered, getting light and love)

My bed/bedroom lets me have the best sleep possible. (Firm bed, light, air, comfortable space)

I live in a home that I love.

I surround myself with beautiful things.

I live in the geographic area I choose.

There is ample and healthy light around me.

I consistently have adequate time, space and freedom in my life.

I am NOT tolerating anything about my home or work environment.

My work environment is productive and inspiring. (Synergistic, ample tools and resources; no undue pressure)

I recycle.

My hair is the way I want it.

I’m happy with my outward apperance.

I surround myself with music, which makes my life more enjoyable.

My bed is made daily.

I wake up daily at the perfect time for me.

I don’t injure myself, or bump into things.

People feel comfortable in my home.

I drink plenty of pure water. ( 64 plus oz.)

I have nothing around the house or in storage that I do not need.

I am consistently early or easily on time.

I document, schedule, and make lists that allow me to feel ahead of what is on the horrizon.

____ Number of boxes checked (25 max)



I do not use excessive caffeine. (Chocolate, coffee, colas, tea) less than 6 times per week, total.

I rarely eat sugar. (Less than 3 times per week.)

I rarely watch television. (Less than 5 hours per week)

I rarely drink alcohol. (Less than 1 drink per night, including weekends)

My teeth and gums are healthy. (Have seen dentist in last 6 months)

My cholesterol count is healthful.

My blood pressure is healthful.

I have had a complete physical exam in the past 3 years.

I do not smoke tobacco or other substances.

I have had a complete eye exam within the past two years. (Glaucoma check, vision test)

My weight is within my ideal range.

My nails are healthy and attractive.

I don’t rush or use adrenaline to get the job done.

I have a rewarding life beyond my work or profession.

I have something to look forward to every day.

I have no habits that I find to be unacceptable.

I am aware of the physical or emotional problems or conditions I have, and I am now fully taking care of all of them.

I consistently take evenings, weekends and holidays off and take at least two weeks of vacation each year.

I use well-made sunglasses.

I do not suffer.

I read.


I eat to fullness but not over indulge

I floss.

I exercise at minimum three times per week.

I listen more than I speak.

I’m learning something new on a regualr basis. (insightful reading, doing a course or online class, learning to garden, cook, paint…ect)

____ Number of boxes checked (26 max)


I currently save at least 10% of my income.

I pay my bills on time, virtually always.

My income source/revenue base is stable and predictable.

I know how much I must have to be minimally financially independent and I have a plan to get there.

I have returned or made-good-on any money I borrowed.

I have written agreements and am current with payments to individuals or companies to whom I owe money.

I have 6 months’ living expenses in a money market-type account.

I live on a weekly budget that allows me to save and not suffer.

All my tax returns have been filed and all my taxes have been paid.

I currently live well, within my means.

I have excellent medical insurance.

My assets (car, home, possessions, treasures) are well insured.

I have a financial plan for the next year.

I have no legal clouds hanging over me.

My will is up-to-date and accurate.

My investments do not keep me awake at night.

I know how much I am worth.

I am on a career/professional/business track that is or will soon be financially and personally rewarding.

I have no “loose ends” at work.

I am in a relationship with people who can assist in my career/professional development.

I rarely miss work due to illness.

I am putting aside enough money each month to reach financial independence.

My earnings outpace inflation, consistently.

____ Number of boxes checked (23 max)


I have told my parents, in the last 3 months, that I love them.

I get along well with my sibling(s).

I get along well with my co-workers/clients.

I get along well with my manager/staff.

There is no one who I would dread or feel uncomfortable “running across”. (In the street, at an airport or party)

I put people first and results second.

I have let go of the relationships that drag me down or damage me. (“Let go” means to end, walk away from, state, handle, no longer be attached to)

I have communicated or attempted to communicate with everyone who I have damaged, injured or seriously disturbed, even if it wasn’t fully my fault.

I do not gossip or talk about others.

I have a circle of friends/family who love and appreciate me for who I am, more than just what I do for them.

I tell people how they can satisfy me.

I am fully caught up with letters and calls.

I write thank you notes to anyone who blesses me with a gift of any kind.

I always tell the truth, no matter what.

I receive enough love from people around me to feel good.

I have fully forgiven those people who have hurt/damaged me, deliberate or not.

I am a person of his/her word

People can count on me.

I quickly clear miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur.

I live life on my terms, not by the rules or preferences of others.

There is nothing unresolved with past loves.

I am in tune with my wants and needs and get them taken care of.

I do not judge or criticize others.

I do not “take personally” the things that people say to me.


I have a best friend or soul mate.

I state requirements rather than complain.

I spend time with people who don’t try to change me.

____ Number of boxes checked (27 max)

Total: ________________

How did you do? What do you  need to work on?

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