Momentum….or not

The New Year…it’s when I kick-start my health by doing a cleanse and upping my workouts. It’s when I organize like mad my closets and put up all the christmas decor. It’s when I map out our financials and our travels for the remainder of the year.

The start of something new has always been a great calibration for me. I really hit serious momentum. I eat it up. I love the season of fall and new books… and pencils! Despite the fact I have been out of school for a decade! Every month I love to do new sheets, and wash windows, and stack the books I’m going to be reading that month.

Naturally a new year is a place I really hit some momentum. I just feeeeeellll it oozing out productivity. I Love it. There are certain seasons you can feel really energized and inspired. You have the extra “umff” behind it.

The word momentum is characterized by energy, force and power. It is also described as velocity. It is inspiring just thinking about having that!

Well, I ended up under the weather starting this year. Both my kids too. So working out hard and a cleanse were out.

I hosted a party that half the guests couldn’t make it to and my husband lost some business that put a damper on some travel plans as well. Needless to say the velocity I’m feeling kinda feels a little like a sputter. Not very energetic. Not very powerful. However, you have to start somewhere. This is my somewhere for this particular year. I can either complain and be sad and try to find my why. I’m doing that. It seems to backfire. Instead of trying to find gumption I’m riding it out and its been really refreshing. There are certain points in seasons of life that you can accomplish much and create big things and progress and other times where your just not. It’s not going to happen. Trying to force it all the time will wear me out.

Not doing anything and allowing a set back to take over is also wrong …. finding the balance in the different seasons of constant change and pace is part of the drive. The ebbing and flowing of life’s little nuances. It’s not momentum or lack of it….its caring about it all that drives us. Once I got that I had a light bulb moment and my momentum for my now.

What are you caring about this year? Make sure you are caring! Life is to precious not to care. Make sure that what you’re doing in your now moments matter. Whatever it is, big or small. Be somebody. Make a difference. Find what matters. Make sure you have something that does matter.

2017 Goals in a nutshell:

Take care of my marriage

Take care of my home

Take my health to a new level

Love my children greatly

Do something big

Celebrate wildly and often

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