More with less

More with less

I have always been someone who loves to clean out a junk drawer and to purge a closet. So the focus I have been in is not a new concept for me. It is more of a prominent place at this point in my life due to some strategic people and events. I love feeling [...]

Clean sweep program

The new year! Here is a sheet I love to use as a fresh start to everything. This is a sheet I use for myself. You have more natural energy when you are clear with your environment, health and emotional balance, money and relationships. An Oraganized life gives you greater potential for the things ahead! "The [...]

Summer Cool Off!

Summer Cool Off!

As the heat comes into full swing and the days are at there longest I have enjoyed less cooking and more ease when it comes to the kitchen. I have enjoyed some wonderfully refreshing drink recipes in place of long hours making big casseroles or stove stop recipes. we are grilling a lot and let's [...]

Holding Your Breath

Two weeks before Christmas, My husband came home with out a job and having internal stomach issues. The health scare quickly vanished after doctor consultations and being on the phone with numerious nurses. The job loss however, stayed with us. This has caused us to suck in wind and blink a few extra times. But [...]

Filling the Tank!

What do you do when you get tired, stressed, bored, or cranky? Recently, I have found myself pushing off some of the things that help me to keep my purpose in focus. I have allowed everyday chores and life to push out some of those little important self-care things. So often when people think of [...]

Happy Life

My pastor is doing a sermon series on being "Happy". I have gotten a lot out of the series. Maybe not what the pastor's initial focus for the series was, but I am being spoken too. On top of this, my husband just came back from a mini conference where the speaker talked on similar [...]