Things to Like, People to Love

The Holidays are around the corner and with it I have been collecting fun little things for the stockings and add-on trinkets for the new years party we do every year. As I have done this I have also been thinking about the other little things that I’m enjoying this season. A lot of what I’m enjoying are certain people and the things they create for this world. A better place and more consideration of others being some of the very top things I’m enjoying most of all. So with-out further ado … is my list.

(nobody is paying me to say these things.)

Things I’m liking at the moment:

Gilmore Girls reruns and the new version!!! I want mugs and t-shirts to document how much I treasure this.

Pinterest – who can do a party without it these days!!! I really do love

Slippers!!! I live in them this time of year with it being colder on the hard wood floors

Anything Nutcracker related. – I’m a former ballerina….enough said

Eucalyptus Oil – this has been in all my diffuser recently! It’s a purifier and a healing oil. great for cold season.

Alex and Ani bracelets – I have multiple!

local coffee place…Rev coffee shop! – Joanna Gaines is amazing!

People Women to admire:

Beth Moore – On fire for God and a consistent individual in following her calling

Lucille M. Montgomery – My favorite character of all time comes from her!

Leslie Bowes – raised to great kids and runs her own business while still being full of spunk! How is she not tired?

Joy Smith – She’s the reason I wear heels

Taylor Swift – Her music is fun and she is a business woman

Nicole Johnson – “The author” Her books created a staging ground as a teen for wanting to be all in with Jesus.

Laura Marsh – A lady that is serving  children in Africa as she also serves her hubby and young child. A life of service is one of the greatest to admire.

Jeannen Langley – The most giving woman I know. She loves people completely and utterly the way they are. It’s special to be the target of her attention.

Sally Clarkson – She created some of the most inspiring books I’ve read recently truly helping me create a haven in my home for all who enter.

Kelly Purcell – I don’t know her well but she is vivacious for life and Jesus

My Mom – no woman has worked harder and prayed even more. She raised 5 God-loving citizens and worked as an RN nurse while home-schooling of us.



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