Friday Free Draw

I came home from a work trip to find hand picked flowers and colored pictures of little tiny fashion dolls with hearts and flowers on it. Giant yellow suns with slashes of yellow streaming out of the paper.

Inside each (yes – there was more than one) 8×11 folded paper were notes of love and sweetness. My daughter proclaimed for the first time but hopefully not the last that I was one of her ‘girlfriends’.

It warmed my heart to no end to know that I am missed when gone.

As a writer I choose at least one trip a year to get away and to write. A full on, sleep somewhere else location. If I can swing it, I do it more than that.

I write in sprits and stops mostly. I am not one of those writers that every day at nine a.m. I write for two hours and twenty nine minutes and then go for a walk. Oh no. My life is full of interruptions. Like right now, my dog is barking like America’s most wanted is at the door. (It is just the bug spray company).

So for 36 to 48 hours every 365 days, I go on an over night and I work on my craft. I drink champagne, I stroll through the shops of where I am, I sometimes take my bike, and I most always go for some kind of extended walk. Yet, mostly I write. I write fun things, I journal, I type up blog post ideas and book concepts, I list make my goals for the next four to six months and sometimes even write out my five year goals. Sometimes I skip all that and write silly YA fiction for fun. Stuff that no one but me will see or read. I eat sushi and I sleep in. Bliss!

Coming home I’m refreshed and ready to re-engage in the sprits and stops of real life. Juggling multiple things at once… Being a wife, mother, coach, home manager, friend, AND writer.

I asked my daughter when she had drawn her picture for me. With her big doe eyes and long lashes (that I covet) she blinked at me as if I should know. A “Duh” moment.

“At Friday Free Draw Mommy.”

“Oh. Friday Free Draw. What’s that?”

“It’s when our teacher lets us draw whatever we want. We don’t have to do assignments or extra work but can focus on our own stuff.”

Instantly I loved this teacher a thousand times more. Which is hard to do because my kid’s teachers are the best. I also instantly melted that for this season in my children’s’ lives I am the person they choose to use their Friday Free draw time thinking of.

This teacher was in essence giving the kids the creative space l so desperately sought out to cultivate and find each and every year.

This teacher reminded me that I need to do better in finding time not just once a year when I rush out for a girl’s trip or a writers conference but in the weekly rhythms of life.

Like a Friday Free Draw! I can cultivate my hobbies more.

A time slot for colored pencils, piano playing, and writing not for the essential corner store that it is in my life but for the mer pleasure of it. I can’t schedule a daily ritual for these things right now. I am not retired and I am not a billionaire. However, I can find space in my weeks. I can put my phone down, I can blockout an afternoon. I can choose slower. I can choose creative over numbing activities and rest over rushing.

Just like Laundry happens every week, or going to the store, or driving kids to sports practice, or church, or any number of activities.

So I’m choosing to carve out time. Greater time each week for the things that are for the imaginative and artistic and expressive.

As a Life Style Coach and in light of this story, Id like to ask a few questions for you to ponder.

  • In the quiet of the day have you thought about carving out a once a week ritual to be creative?
  • Do you have a moment that is “the quiet of the day”?
  • Do you need to save for a once a year getaway for yourself?
  • What hobbies did you do as a kid that you would love to re-take up?
  • What day are you going to use to cultivate your hobbies?
  • Do you need a hobby or need to try something new?
  • How much time are you going to give it?

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