Vow Renewal Celebration

Each and everyone of us can use more celebration! My husband and I believe every little thing should be celebrated and every big thing. Throw a party for Derby Day, National book Day and even the dogs birthday. We celebrate our birthdays for entire weeks and we celebrate our individual coming of faith birthdays as well. Our very favorite thing to celebrate is our wedding day.

Recently we had our 15 year wedding anniversary and to celebrate we got professional photo’s taken, I ordered a dress, we renewed our vows to each other in front of our kids, ( post on my Vows here ), and we took a bunch of our friends out for a party.

Why do all this? After all we are happily married, we had a beautiful church wedding 15 years ago with family and friends and college roommates. Well, glad you asked. Our “party” after our marriage was sweet and precious and… on a tight budget. So while I wouldn’t have changed anything because it was our special day and represents a time in our life – we didn’t get to dance or have wine or stay out late at our reception. So we celebrated again! and we will celebrate again and again! We will pull out all the stops on a regular basis for all kinds of things big or small.

Each year brings about things you can celebrate. Each month too. Today I’d like to ask a few questions for you to think about.

What can you celebrate today?

Who needs to feel special?

Is there something you need to acknowledge?

Is their something you need to be proud of?

Is there an occasion in the past that didn’t get enough recognition?

Is there somewhere special you want to go?

How can you show up with Joy and Celebration in your ordinary everyday life?

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.


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