How to Have a Healthy Summer

Emotional, physical and spiritual health is so important! We all know this. How many of us let the summer slip in these areas because well, it is summer and after all bedtime can be flexible now. Here are my top tips and tricks to keep the momentum going all summer long!

Prepare a snack:

If I hear “snack” one more time!Many of us care givers can loose our minds around this topic. with kids home and not on a detailed school schedule just the word “snack” can give us anxiety. To prevent this in my home I have a tray with compartments and dividers (you can use a muffin pan or bowls too) that after lunch I make up every day. hummus, carrots, bell peppers, maybe it is popcorn and bars. whatever. But once the snacks are laid out, (never before lunch). that is it for the day. they can eat it in one sitting or graze the afternoon but that is the allotted amount of snacks. This is great to do for those of us on stricter eating plans or trying to be continue of our grazing habits too!

Sunscreen in the am:

Just put Sunscreen on after brushing your teeth and you don’t have to worry about possible burns or if you did or didn’t put it on yet. It becomes a habit that saves your skin and your mental capacity.

5 things Everyday:

Each of us must accomplish 5 things everyday so that boredom and TV are not the main events. I love down time and lazy days just like the next but a never ending schedule of nothing can create poor habits and a lack of purpose. Our five things we (kids included) must do everyday are:

  • Make bed
  • Do One Chore
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Exercise for 30 minutes (swimming pool counts)
  • Do one creative activity. (paint, sidewalk chalk, dance, write, journal, make a play tent, complete a puzzle, build lego’s, write


This is the single most important thing you can do for your body, besides drink more water and sit up straight. I highly recommend it!! It is something I am trying to add in more of in my own life. Buy a foam roller or use a tennis ball. touch your toes and reach for the sky. hundreds of Utube videos are available for this

One Goal A Month:

Instead of trying to make an entire list of goals for the and ideas and to do’s pick one topic and do that all month long. Until it is complete don’t start or add anything to your list.

  • Read more books
  • Journal
  • Exercise more
  • Complete the basement project
  • Start a garden

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