Morning Rally

I am not a morning person. However I am fully aware that the way you start your day, is how your day will go. So no matter when you wake up here are the top picks for making it go amazing and maximizing life in all the right ways! Cheers to making today matter most! May you rally yourself well with these ideas.

Water – I am not perfect at this but I try and keep a glass of water at my bedside table so that I can down about half of it before bed and then as soon as I am up I take the last half and finish it. Starting the day with fresh water helps kick your metabolism up a notch, hydrate all the right paces and wake up your body.

Stretch – This is not an yoga session for me or a dance stretch class it is just a reach to sky, side bends and sometimes a forward bend. If you can get more in awesome. I like to do this between flinging open the curtains and bringing in the light.

Lay Out Your Outfit the Night Before – Every single one of us does this in my family, including my six year old. Not having to think about what to wear or looking up the weather report in the am really stream lines our mornings before school and events. We set everything out and look at temperatures and forecasts the night before.

Make Your Bed – I may not get to everything on my list but if I make my bed I feel so accomplished right from the start. There is a marvelous book with is topic too that I highly recommend.

Meditate – Once again this doesn’t have to be a whole hour but even just your word for the day or a Bible verse or a positive statement can shift you from grumpy to smiling

Smile – A Scientific American study found that facial expressions, such as smiling, can improve one’s mood and increase positive thoughts. So, the next time you’re feeling a little blue, try smiling – First thing in the morning after you brush your teeth Smile at the mirror!

Tomorrow is unknown, Yesterday is behind you. Today is the most important!

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