A Former ballet teacher and now excellence coach here is how to set up your goals for maximum impact and achieve-ability!

I use the word Ballet as an acronym.

B=Balance: when setting up goals it must always have balance. For example, most people know that trying to train for a marathon with no off days will not be a good idea. Less of us are aware that, Choosing a goal that is going to create unbalance in family life while pushing your finances up will in the long run be more damaging. Why? Because the end results of this will be that you have no one to enjoy the extra vacations and big house with.

A=Alluring: If the goal doesn’t appeal to you it won’t work. Period. Ballet dancers and performances are alluring, beautiful, and captivating. What about your goal is captivating?

L=Lengthening: All dancers work on this; All the time! Lengthening, Stretching. Growing. Is this goal stretching you far enough and is it long term? Are you going the distance one day and then not the next? Dancers know that if they want a lifestyle of dancing they have to always be stretching. If not they will burnout, create injuries, and have lots of pain only to finish short. In order to lengthen and maintain long term results, you have to be stretching yourself every single day.

L=Lifestyle of love: Passion is in everything that an artist does. Whether it is cooking their eggs or dancing the Firebird it is done with great fervor. Love for it is what fuels this. When you do things out of love it fuels your momentum for your lifestyle. It helps you to know what kind of effect you want to have. What feeling and energy you want to bring to the activity? What do you want to be known for?

E=Exceptional: This is my word. It was a word I used before it was a popular cliche. I would sign my name at the end of performances for people with notebooks and brochures of the program they came to. With my signiture, I signed “striving to be the best me”. Excellence and exceptional living is something every single professional athlete strives for. If you are not striving for transcendence, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

T=Technique: All dancers have technique, some more than others. However, every ballet dancer has a system that helps them mentally and physically in their life. What techniques can you employ in life to help you achieve greater? Yoga, reviewing goals, getting up at a better time, or reading 20 minutes every day are all things that can be a technique to a better version of you.

+ A Lifestyle Coach helps with the Design. Kind of like an architect. You are the builder of your life. You must implement it in order to create a masterpiece existence.  I have a couple friends who are interior stagers. They help see a greater vision for your home spaces. The individuals that have hired them then go implement the effects for that particular design. You are the one to personally create the beauty and the vision in your life. I hope, as your virtual coach, that this article has helped you to sketch something extraordinary! Just remember it all starts with going to B. A. L. L. E. T. Class.


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