Creating a Poised Posture

I have two grandmother’s who are always sitting properly. One of these incredibly poised ladies is 76 years old! Good posture is something that seems to be a continual lost art form. Models are now standing swayed back and athletes have over worked shoulders and hunched top halves. Teens slump in chairs and across the back of the couch.

However, despite the decline we all know that it is important to have good posture. Statistics say that 1 in every 4 people have chronic lower back pain! I know that now after being quarantined to our home offices and couches for over 7 months the “slouch”in my own life is at an all time high. So from a former ballet dancer, turned virtual homeschooling mom here is how to improve this most vital skill!

The secret surprisingly isn’t just in the posture of your hip bones but in how you carry yourself on a regular basis. So if you want Julie Andrews status posture (my personal favorite posture idol) read on! I have the ticks and tips for us all on how to improve this most vital skill in our lives!

  • Dress for how you want to live today: So many of us do not dress for our day. Each day is different, each season of life brings on different things . You wouldn’t wear your swimsuit to church or your dress for a mud race. Why then do we and wear our sweat pants to the grocery store?  When your on cobblestone streets, wear the appropriate foot wear and when your heading to a ladies lunch don’t wear the office go to outfit. It’s not your boss, it’s your friends!
  • Study the way you walk and talk:
    • Talking has a way of helping you elevate your posture, when you do it well. When you talk think of giving the speech to the queen or being a broadcaster. Maybe you imagine being on the red carpet instead of talking to your toddler.
    • How do you walk? I literally cringe when I see how women walk in heels these days. But what is surprising is how people don’t know how to walk in flats either! Walk heel to toe always unless you are on stage doing a ballet performance. Do not take big strides. Do practice with a book. Lead with your hips. Emphasis the back leg push, versus front leg leading. Keep arms relaxed.
  • Excersise for posture:
    • yoga
    • ballet
    • pilates
    • stretching
  • Keep your arms close to your sides at the elbows: this is always more elegant than elbows sticking out!
  • Smile tons!
  • Do not pick or figet: The only exception to this rule is if you are a famous musician.  If you are not creating world renowned music in your head at all times than  you only look like an anxious person.
  • Have a deep respect of people and the worlds future creates a beautiful posture from the inside out!  (Think Princess Diana)
  • Go to a chiropractor regularly and get massages often: This is nonnegotiable in our world of computers, phones, and a heavy emphasis of contact sports. My personal goals for both of these activities is 4-6x a year for each activity.

“Of all the things you wear, your posture is the most important.”

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