Happy Life

My pastor is doing a sermon series on being “Happy”. I have gotten a lot out of the series. Maybe not what the pastor’s initial focus for the series was, but I am being spoken too.

On top of this, my husband just came back from a mini conference where the speaker talked on similar topics. What it really means to engage in life. He talked about “quitting” and the art of not doing. All for the sake of greater relationships and focus on what really matters to you.

So today, I am posting a template for what I am choosing to go after and in that I have also chosen what I am not going after. I encourage you to do the same. If we aren’t careful the world will choose for us and we will finish our life and wonder “what happened, I didn’t do what I wanted”. Don’t let busyness or things that don’t fully matter to you get in the way of creating your dreams!!! Often we find that there are things that keep us preoccupied that dont really matter. What are you doing to eliminate these?

+Feel free to use this template as a starting place (I used others to help create mine)


In order to have productivity and achievement in life I must be a happy person, generally speaking. In order to be a happy person I must be a healthy person in all areas. Ultimate goal and purpose in life: to have a temple that reflects Christ in every form, physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional. I surrender my all to Him! I promise to strive to be my best!
I, Kate, am ready to work hard and to keep at it when circumstances work against me. I will take control and focus on optimal living and a healthy lifestyle. By signing this contract, I am making an unconditional commitment, to those who love and care about me, to myself, and to God. I will give my best every day.

From now on, I will be truthful even when it hurts. I will stop buying my old excuses – they will no longer hold me back from being the person I want to be. I will also be forgiving of my past. I accept that I have been slacking in some areas but I am done living with disappointment. I am ready to be totally committed to creating the life I want and God has for me no matter what curve balls life throws my way. In order to do this forever, I will take responsibility in my continued growth. I will be interested in the areas I am working on and will try to love every aspect of it. I will refuse to allow none topics/issues to get in the way/bother me from what I am working on!

I accept that this is going to be difficult some days and that at times I will be frustrated and uncomfortable. However, I also know doing anything great and worth while requires patience, perseverance, and endurance. This is also what makes us “great”! By living according to this agreement I will put an end to the old me. I have a new mind in Christ! With God’s help and my unconditional commitment, I am ready to be done with fighting myself/this war. I completely and enthusiastically surrender my all to God’s best.

X_Kate Dahlin__Date:_September 3rd, 2015____

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