What’s Certain About Uncertainty

I read a great article the other day from the Atlanta Business Chronicle called "7 Habits of Amazing Successful Sales People (Terry Brock, Contributing Writer)"and one of the habits seemed to jump off the page at me: Hustle when others hunker down.  When uncertainty or tough times come about (and they always do) the winners and leaders take [...]

Holding Your Breath

Two weeks before Christmas, My husband came home with out a job and having internal stomach issues. The health scare quickly vanished after doctor consultations and being on the phone with numerious nurses. The job loss however, stayed with us. This has caused us to suck in wind and blink a few extra times. But [...]

Happy Life

My pastor is doing a sermon series on being "Happy". I have gotten a lot out of the series. Maybe not what the pastor's initial focus for the series was, but I am being spoken too. On top of this, my husband just came back from a mini conference where the speaker talked on similar [...]


I wanted to scream. It was just one of those days. You know the ones; the very bad, no good day. Kids were screaming, daughter had already drawn maker all over the table and now I couldn’t get into my blog site because the server has been down and this was day two of all [...]


I typed a letter to my mom a while ago. I think it deserves a repeat showing here. It really portrays how I am feeling at the moment. Life has been an interesting, joyful but also very challenging time with a toddler and a baby. Title: Love Letter Dear Mom, How do you do all [...]