Filling the Tank!

What do you do when you get tired, stressed, bored, or cranky?

Recently, I have found myself pushing off some of the things that help me to keep my purpose in focus. I have allowed everyday chores and life to push out some of those little important self-care things. So often when people think of “self-care” they think of selfish focused things and items or hygiene. Neither one is right! Yes, pedicures and fixing your hair are good things and a bubble bath seems “self-focused” but in the end it is helping restore you to a place of balance so that you can feel good and can care more deeply. You can be more focused in the now (when you are dealing with your screaming toddler , you can have patience. It’s a win for everyone and something that is not an option! If you allow these little pick me ups to go to the sidelines of life the rest of you will too.

Behind this exercise is an excercise that I did not personally create but have tweaked and is a great tool!!! This week I am hoping you all take notes and really put this to action! Don’t just read it and move on but take action and do!!

The list is to help you identify – and then remember – the exact things you can do in order to feed your soul, energize your body, balance your day, and/or ‘snap out of it’.

List the things that you really enjoy doing, and write down how long it usually takes for that item to do its magic on you. These must be things that really energize, nurture, and/or center you. They may be things that you either usually do not find time to do or that you simply do not give yourself permission to do. Hint: If even thinking about doing them makes you feel either silly or guilty—you are on the right track! You know…things like a bubble bath while reading People magazine, or deleting all those old e-mails you never answered. You know, fun stuff!

Try and include some ‘quick fixes’ (e.g., listening to a beautiful song), as well as some activities that take a bit longer (e.g., read an entire book or travel to wine country). Then make it a point to schedule some of these treats into your weekly/monthly schedule until they become second nature! Fill in the a check mark on the right (the ‘Often’ column) once you have integrated the Resorer into your routine on a regular basis.

  1. My Restorers

  2. Magic Time

  3. Often

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