I grew up in a large southern family. Mostly right “below” middle class in my younger years and always full of loud noise conversations. For the most part the 1960 homes my parents were drawn too always had tiny bathrooms and tiny kitchens. Because of this paradox we were always shuffled through the shower and shuffled out of the kitchen. Momma had a revolving menu of casseroles. Two of the staples were, tuna noodle casserole and king ranch chicken. Chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, and Kraft mac and cheese were also staples. White bread with peanut butter and banana’s showed up often for lunch. I’m guessing it filled up all those kids belly s for cheap, because milk was rationed out in our house.
Either way meal time mattered in my family of origins home. It didn’t matter if my brother didn’t like eggs or my sister ate her steak with A1 sauce. We always had meals sitting around a giant old table and always after the fastest prayer in the world, given by Dad. Food was nourishing and important. Period.

As a ballet dancer food was fuel and the faster you ate the more time you got in the studio. with 5 of us at home I knew how to eat fast so I could get the extra helping first but the weight issues that tended to be common among young athletes was not something I ever dealt. I had watched other women, deal with their love/hate relationship with food, but for me it was always LOVE. I loved tacos and cheesy pasta, dark chocolates and spicy foods. I loved olives, pickles, radishes, raspberries, and tomato’s. Seafood and steak. Vegetarian dishes and cream sauces. I worked out a lot, and ate a good bit. Food was never ever the bad guy for me. Glorious and Nourishing. There were days I wanted to look different or get stronger or loose weight but never to the point of toxic thinking toward my food choices. I was a true a foodie at heart because if I was needing to “lean out” or “bulk up”, My options were always to do it at the gym and minimize the effects I had to take with my food. Being shuffled out of the kitchen and learning to eat fast as a teenager I got married with a love of food but a serious lack of knowledge in food preparations. I could boil rice or make macaroni and cheese from a box. The only “from scratch” thing I knew how to cook was chocolate chip cookies cookies! Now I love a good Kraft mac bowl as much as a three year old does but obviously my hubby and I needed more to live off of. (I know some people would debate me on this.)

The summer after we got married I didn’t look for a job. I’d been working since I was fifteen and felt the need to take six weeks to learn some cooking skills. I needed to do some resume stuff, change my name, but cooking was also important. It was the best six weeks of time I’ve ever given myself. I learned not just to eat but how to buy for two at the grocery store, I read recipes from online and read entire cookbooks from the library. I tried things and burned things. I found out how much time it takes to make something and to scarf it down in three minutes flat is just not ok after all that effort. I learned a new hobby and collection during this time. Reading and collecting cookbooks became a prime Joy. I
also learned I love to cook but hate to bake. Most of all I learned how to Nourish myself. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. That six weeks, I cooked, I read, I slept in (with no 9-5 work), I did more spiritual searching, and personal digging. I tasted life in a fresh way.

  • How are you tasting life right now?
  • Are you rushing through meals or activities?
  • Are you feeling like things are bland? Time to spice it up!
  • What no risks you on a soul level?
  • What’s one thing you could do this year to give you more time to explore a
  • hobby?
  • Do you need to Heal your view with food?

Kate’s Soul Mac:

I bag Noodles – boil till al dente – drain
Salt + Pepper mix with noodles + Dry Mustard + Avocado oil
Mexican shredded cheese and an Alfredo sauce jar- Add and simmer

Add olives or artichoke hearts (optional)

croutons to top the dish
put oven safe pot or casserole dish in oven till everything is piping hot and croutons crunchy.
About 20 min @375 for me

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