A Workbook Launch!

We launched a book back in 2019!! Whoo hoo! Have you ever wanted to write a book? Well I have. I wanted to write a book since second grade. I had horrible spelling and a very slow typing hand but it was still a bucket list item for me. Don’t give up on your dreams, you never know when they will come full circle!

After spending about a year and half on the idea of writing on a particular subject, my husband and I finally published and co-wrote a book. Then the pandemic hit. Our next project got sidelined. I took on homeschooling kids in our basement, I quite blogging, coaching, and writing. (I’m gonna be fully transparent, It wasn’t just this project that got halted, it was more like the next five ideas I had were sidelined.)

Today we are proud to announce that our Companion Guide and Workbook to our book An Exceptional Romance is officially Launched! The Ebook format is available today and the paper format soon to follow !

We hope you go check it out and we hope you remember that a delay now doesn’t mean not ever when it comes to your dreams. A pause, a moment to change course and regroup is fine. Keep going after the exceptional in all your endeavors!

“…perhaps your dreams are so slow in coming to fruition that you have lost hope of reaching it entirely. Some dreams are literally life dreams, and it takes a long time to make them happen. To wait it out is hard and sometimes daunting. Also, it is much harder if you are not focused on smaller dreams during the wait.” – expert from our book An Exceptional Romance

Don’t loose heart in the waiting, don’t get bored in the middle parts of life routines. Do not allow the rainy days your world to rain on your whole parade! Keep going. Joy, risk, God’s calling and handprint on your life, these are the things to follow! Go Create Exceptional!

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