Designing Your Dreams

Have you ever seen something in a store window or online shopping and instantly became smitten? What kind of item it is doesn’t matter, how much, or the rational of logistics is not ever the issue. You don’t mind even if it will never happen. You just let your mind go there, for the pure affection of it. Simple as that.

This is not a “want” or advertising pull in play but something much greater. Like when a painting speaks to you, moves you beyond words. And even though you may never be able to afford it you want to retain that feeling, that desire forever. 

That is how it was one afternoon when I went browsing, because I love pretty structures. Not because I was looking, or in the market. I told my friends that I would NEVER move. I was not into up scaling with the “Jones”. Ha! Never say Never. 

The house was large.”Expensive” might be the term used. Solid brick and deep crown molding, old windows, and a renovated kitchen. It had a basement. I swore I’d never have one of those… but the light. The light in the windows, the beautiful Biltmore style study and the garden tub, they were magical. The owners, you could tell, were older. All the furniture was dated and the color scheme on all the walls was a pale green in half the house and mauve in the rest. There was a visual clue to the effects of them being cat owners. Yuk… and sneeze. 

The backyard was ginormous but the fact that it sloped dangerously kinda created a false illusion of sitting on top of the world. Never mind that you couldn’t use the space. 

It didn’t matter. It spoke to me, the potential, the tree’s, the light, the history. The home had already had three owners prior and it told a story of warmth, life, and even loss. There was a story of moving on too. I sent it to my husband while he was on a business trip. Telling him I found our next house! It was supposed to be a joke. The place was double what we could afford to look at, even if we were looking (and we weren’t). 

My husband took the joke as a “for real”. In three days we were walking through it. Every corner of that tour I watched as my husbands eye’s changed with that same feeling I had gotten. This was a home. Even more than that it could be seen as our home. When and how do you know? It is that feeling you get when you start envisioning your own furniture and life in it. It was just like that. 

Within one weekend we did the impossible by going under contract, selling our house, and deciding to move. Many thought it was a wonderful adventure, and many more thought we were crazy. We had to double our furniture power, fix an air conditioning unit, fumigate the entire premise from “the cat”, and get rid of the endangered nocturnal flying squirrels that had fallen in love with our attic. 

It didn’t matter. We were besotted, smitten, overjoyed. When you love something, the rough edges are blurred and softened. 

I saw the beauty, the mahogany paneling. and the double decks. I saw a large entry-way, space for a tree swin­g and garden boxes. When we looked at it we saw a white kitchen and a spot for our outdoor table. We saw huge mossy tree’s and a beautiful room for our guests. We saw life. We see home. 

I hope this encourages you the next time you see something that speaks to your vision of possibilities and dreams. Was it work? Yes. Was it a risk? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. We didn’t know when we jumped and made the shift that that home would house us, and protect us during a quarantine epidemic. That we we would not just see the home office as a luxury but as a necessity. We didn’t know we would be teaching school to six kids in that basement that I said I didn’t need.

We did know, but we fell head over heels for a place. We couldn’t ignore the tug. I hope that you don’t ignore yours. Because if you have nothing to look for in your future, nothing to be curious about and passionate about, you forget to live today with wholeness and with wonder. Love at first sight is real. I hope you pay attention to it. 

with heart and heels,


Action Steps: 

Journal idea: What do you love?

What brings you a sense of wonder?

Could you do something today to bring you more wholeness in life? Do you listen to your intuition or ignore it? 

*Browse the internet for your dream home or next dream vacation spot

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