The One Thought that will Transform ALL Areas of Your Life

I love this picture! A fancy plane in mid-air with blue sky’s. Green tree’s and fluffy clouds lying in the background. So great! You could give it a cliquey quote and it could be one of those quintessential 80’s posters that everyone hung up in their sales office’s back in the day.

The photo is a snap of my father flying and landing a plane. So obviously it is special to me. It is one of the very few we have of him in action. But even more than that this picture showcases something else exceptionally well. The picture is a plane coming in for a landing. The Pilot, (my Dad) has made his Flight plan, his approach, and figured out the wind speed, the weather, and the latitude and longitude of where he needs to go in order to make sure he gets there.

My father says that it only takes one small mistake with your calculations to not be where you are supposed to be.

I have another friend who says we all are only one or two steps away from destroying or ruining ourselves or someone else. Both of these ideas can be frighting.

My husband and I talk about this subject often. We talk about trajectory so much our mentee’s know that this topic is the main theme we fall on more than any other – including communication! For example, for every degree you fly off course, you will miss your desired destination by ninety-two feet for every mile you have flown. In our book, we share that if you are flying from JFK to LAX and you were off just one degree at the start of your journey you’d be 50 miles off by the time you landed. Putting yourself in the ocean!

How many people in our lives have you watched implode in their marriages or lives because they took just one step away from their goal. Just one beer, Just one comment they cant take back, just one hit, just one glance, just one credit card, one degree. Now they are miles apart from their dreams and loved ones. This may sound morbid and deep but the opposite is also true! It only takes one degree!

Just taking one degree in the right direction can shift your trajectory from just “making it”, to being incredible at what you do and who you are.

  • What flight plan do you have for your life?
  • Where do you want to be?
    • In your communication
    • In your finances
    • Your date-night life
    • Your spiritual life
    • your parenting style
    • your work image
    • Your sexual expression
    • In the way you view your spouse
  • What are you doing to put your trajectory on course? 
  • What is your landing pattern look like?
  • Are you one degree off course in any area’s?

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