Beating Overwhelm

Recently in my world overwhelm has played a key role. A role that normally is not noted as a big deal or even much of a thought. Most of the time I can ignore the creeping feelings of anxiousness that I do not have enough time or energy to do all that is in front of me. I usually keep a level head, push back on the feelings of dread, nervousness, worry or fear and chose the “go scared” mentality, “just do the next step” self-talk. I push on. Let’s be honest though. All of us have been dealing with overwhelm. Statistic’s say we live in a busier and more stimulated world than ever before in the history of human kind. And none of us need the statistics to prove it. We all know it. The added befits of being always connected but never really together creating further frustrations and mental dilemmas in us all. So what do we do? How do we keep pushing to new heights when we are so jam packed?

These are the key tactics I personally use to help fight and manage overload and overwhelm.

Sleep – If this is not top priority everything feels “TOO much”. I have to be rested and so do you if you are going to tackle more. It is easy to make this one of the first things to go when you are feeling down. extra time to do projects or to zone out like a zombie in front of the TV sounding more important than actual sleep. Do not skimp on this, when life is busy. Question: When is life not busy? …never. So just don’t skimp on sleep. Ever.

Lists – Creating a list can help organize what needs doing and what really doesn’t. Separating weekly, daily, and monthly projects can create space where you didn’t see it before.

Visit With A Teen – This is one of my favorite things to do when I feel overwhelmed! The energy and the mind of the next generation really can energize you in a way no one else can. They are full of potential, ideas, cute outfits, and dreams. It also is a great reminder of gratefulness, as I listen to their relationship dramas and school stress. Thank heavens I’m out of all that!

Remind Yourself You Have Time – Take a paper and draw line on it, then write 0 at one end and 100 at the other. Now put yourself on line with where your age sits on that line. …look at it. YOU have time! It is not a burden but a gift. There is always enough time to manage time well! breathe and see it as the resource and asset that it is.

Allow Wallowing For 24 Hours – Sometimes you have to just get it all out of your system. Take a day to ignore it all. freak out, stay in your pajamas, watch tv and kick it down the line. But then….that is it. 24 hours is all you get. after that it is no longer breather but plain old procrastination sitting on top of you.

Talk IT OUT – My husband and I use this idea often because we can really set each other straight when we are loosing it with overwhelm and feeling negative. Sometimes talking out you gain clarity or perspective as you are putting it out there instead of holding on to it internally.

Cut It – When I feel crazy busy I start slashing things out. Can’t do the project, then don’t. Can’t add another birthday event, decline the e-vite and send a gift.The kids virtual school login is broken (again) just don’t login. Send a note to the teacher and take 20 minutes to read with your kid instead. You are not going to spend three hours trying to fix it anymore! Slashing things is one of the best ways to kill overwhelm. Slash the work call to half, cut dinner prep and order delivery, slash the toy bucket in half and donate them.

Go On A Vacation – My favorite thing! Let us be honest, it is probably everyone’s favorite idea. To gain clarity and to understand what really matters when you are feeling like life itself is the thief, is getting away from it all. It is the best medicine for overwhelm and the best reward. If you. can’t fully get away try a half day spa or hike, or even just a zero tech day. Taking a vacation from certain activities can feel like vacation too. It is as if you are dumping the bucket upside down on what matters and shaking up the priorities for your life.

May this year’s bucket be empty on overwhelm and overflowing with joy and motivation!

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