Too Much Drinking

The holiday’s can be so much fun!! They can also encompass too much of a good thing. I believe in moderation in almost all things. Too much sleep, your lazy. Too much sugar; you’re a glutton. Too much exercise; your obsessed. Too much of extended family; you loose relationships (Or secretly wish you could have “too much drink”). Too much of the holiday hoopla; You end up turning into The Grinch.

Stress creates a flight or fight situation. Even good stress. Identifying the stresses we face and how our bodies react to it will help us to understand how best to prevent the chronic repercussions that stress has on our minds and bodies. In doing so we can eliminate the unhealthy ways we fight or flee from our stress. Some people say they have it under control with exercise. If you say you exercise to maintain your stress great!! However, you could even be doing this wrong. Over working out, Doing “two a days”, and drinking protein like its going out of business is not healthy either. You know your over compensating for something.

I am here today to give you some practical tips on how to come back from just “too much.” If you are feeling overwhelmed, over-worked, and over everything this holiday I pray this encourages you and gives you practical ways to handle it.

First of all break down the problem into chunks. For this situation let us use the example of “too much drinking” as the problem here. This is not an issue for me or my husband even though we enjoy wine, so don’t panic. It is not a problem because we worked this out a few years ago after we had about four straight months of just a little too much of over indulging. Parties, traveling, work dinners, and stressful nights had become a norm. We were going to our wine cooler more than we would have liked. It’s not that we were alcoholic’s. Not even by a long shot but we were over doing it more than not. Maybe your drinking everyday, or bingeing on the weekends. Or maybe its a loved one that you need to raise the flag with. It’s not an issue yet, but if not addressed it will become one. This could be anything. It could be too much shopping, too much phone time, too much work, to many projects, too much sugar, too much tv, too much take-out, or too much obsessing of thinness.

This issue is creating a rub. It is not how you want to run your home, and you are choosing to get in front of it. You are no longer going to ignore this or scoot around it. Because you have decided your Creating Exceptional in every area, and that means this topic too.. This is not going to hold you back. Here is how to start.

  • Ask:  What are your feeling? What is the problem? What is the solution?
  • Ask open-ended questions  EX: “How can we partner together to make this better?
  • Listen to the answer! If your asking yourself you will be amazed at what you have shoving down and ignoring.
  • put your solution on paper
  • Now write down “adaptive” perfection – this is if you could be 100% awesome. This isn’t what you’re going to implement now. This isn’t the solution you just created. This is more than that. It’s what dreams are made of and eventually it may become your solution but for now you at least know what you want. Adaptive perfectionistis what lifestyle coaches and growth mindset experts use to develop positivity and optimism. Its a place for adapting their goals. Adaptive perfectionism is a perception of the fictitious “ideal”. It is where in the best most positive light, you can give yourself the best version of you.
  • Make a difference every day

This is how I would walk out “drinking too much”.

Break it down:

the reason we are drinking too much:

  1. Too many parties – The Excuse: I don’t want to be the part pooper or worse yet, someone thing I’m pregnant!
  2. Brother home from deployment – The Excuse: It is a celebration!
  3. Too much stress at bedtime with kids –  The excuse: I just need a minute of relaxation.
  4. Too much extended family – The Excuse: I can’t manage, so at least I’ll have fun.
  5. Not enough time to unwind – The Excuse: Wine helps relax me.

Q: What are you feeling?

A: Frustrated. I am consuming too much sugar and too stressed. I am feeling bad about not being disciplined enough. So then, I devalue myself by giving a pity party on top of it about weight gaining and not even enjoying the drink I have.

Q: How can someone partner with me?

A: I would love to have a flagging system in place if you we see each other choosing this too much. Like a double eye wink or a nose tap with the finger.

Solution: A number. When it comes a to a lot of things in life we set number’s or a time slot for ourselves. The Bible even talks about gaining wisdom from this.

Psalms 90:12 
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. 

Many of us do this without even knowing it. One hour meetings. Five days for work. Rest on Sunday. Six weeks of school, one week off. Every two weeks we pay the bills. Every season shift we deep clean the house and change the airfilters.

When it comes to my exercise, I try to workout more than half the week. Seven days in a week means 3x doesn’t cut it for me. To exercise four times a week is fabulous, 7x is obsessive. So for logical reasoning, We do a very similar idea with our drinking habits.

*This is us, and our system. Some of you may thing that this sounds ridiculous. Some of you may think that’s still too much. The point is to make your own number and stick to it.  some poeple use the whole earn it system. If they worked out they can have a drink. With whatever you are working with find your number. What’s your sugar intake, tv amount, and work hour numbers?

Perfection: For drinking, it means never going over the rule. Not for a birthday, another holiday party, a wedding, funeral or even job loss. It’s not going over one glass ever for me and for Steve it is two. Perfection would be sticking to it rain or shine, and everything in-between.

Making a Difference:  It means you are making continuous and calculated steps to implement every day. You are numbering your days and tasks. Putting in place your plan of execution. In doing this you are growing wiser.

Go be great!

“If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.” Epictetus

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