This topic is something that many people have become very opinionated and strong on. I want to be clear. These are my thoughts and what has worked for me. For me the detoxifying life has become a term that is part of my lifestyle. Not a diet. For me I detox regularly from many things and not just food. I eliminate days off social media in my life. I detox from chores when I go on vacation. I detox from shopping besides the grocery store.

Food is such a powerful regulator of our biology and detox is huge. It literally makes a world of difference. But when I detox I make sure I put in the good. It’s not just about limiting and taking the toxic things out. It’s about choosing the good and the healthier to replace the bad.

When I do a detox I do it to feel good, to get from feeling decent to feeling GREAT. I have been an athlete my entire life. I love dancing, yoga, am a mild runner, and am passionate about growing my own garden. When I decide to go all out and clear out, I am aware of the tweaks that I need to do because I have slide just a bit. This is not a massive diet strategy because I need to lose 70 lbs or want to go from couch to tri-athlete in six weeks. So remember, if this looks super over the top and strict for you, it might be. If you are going from eating fast food and milkshakes everyday I don’t assume that you are going to be doing this detox program. However, I am an average american that enjoys her wine and cake too. I am not gluten-free or vegan 24/7 so this plan does work a ton for my clients that want a little boost.

What I eliminate: processed carbs, sugar, dairy, meat and sometimes even fruit for a few days.

What I don’t give up: coffee.

I have done this before but I am in a place with my health now that I don’t put sugar or cream in my coffee. I drink it black and I buy organic and this is pure enjoyment for me. The effects of taking this out for me are usually far worse than what eliminating does for me. BUT….If you are dumping a pound of sugar and cream in to a cup and calling it coffee do not fool yourself. Eliminate it!!!

What I ADD: 

Vegan protein mixes, tons of fresh veggies, and a detox soup I make for dinners. I add tons of water!! Tons. I drink coconut water and green smoothies and salad every day.

I do try to do this every season change. And it makes me feel amazing!!

My struggle: Cheese and Alcohol elimination. Now this is going to come out and I know I’m going to get judged on this. Here me out. When I do this I do it for 10-14 days and its over two weekends. The weekends are just harder for me. My husband and I enjoy a good grill-out and a glass of wine on our deck and we host big dinner nights regularly. For whatever reason the minute I decide to do this it always seems to fall on a celebration weekend and its so hard for me! I hate missing out on the festivities.

My Recipes:

Detox water

(make up and seep in fridge over night)

2 liters water,

1 whole cucumber

1 lemon

mint leaves

Leek Soup

2 leeks – white and green parts washed

10 cauliflower heads sliced up

1 carrot diced

3/4 cup greens (this is an estimate It might be more) cut into slices

4 cups of organic vegetable stock

1 Tbs olive oil or coconut oil

pepper to taste

herbs to your taste

Simmer the leeks in a pan with the oil. Add the other veggies to stir fry. Add in the vegetable stock and some water if needed. Season to taste.






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