Scheduling your Perfect Life

Only you know what is holding you back from creating the schedule and life you are born for. Life is a precious amazing, miraculous, gift; don’t waste one breath,     taking life for granted! Go after it and create!!” –Kate

I believe in lists so much. So so much!!! You can create massive follow through with a proper list making routine. Momentum, organization, and massive results. Every month is a new month, every day is fresh, every year a chance to go bigger and dream harder. With a list, a goal, and a dream written out you can make it happen.

Around the time of my birthday I always do a little personal check in. Around the new month I always schedule out the calendars, my work, and writing, and do a deeper cleaning of my home. New year’s Eve, I write out the year goals. On my anniversary, I write out things I want to do/ dream or accomplish with my marriage. Many people map out their personal goals, family goals, and even travel goals – but have you ever mapped out your marriage/reationship goals?

For the pleasure of my readers I am going to give you a free handout that I use with my clients and that I use personally myself. Enjoy your list making.

What are the 3 biggest changes you want to make in your life over the next 5 years?

What 3 goals do you want to achieve within the next 3 months?

If anything was possible what would you wish for?

What have been your 3 greatest successes to date?

What is the greatest lifestyle focus you want to work on right now?

What major changes have you been faced with over the last couple of years?

What relationship do you need to create a game plan for?

When was the last time you tried something new?

Do you believe that the next year will be better than this one?

List out three things you are most proud of, grateful for and inspired by.

The lists I live by and am working on now:

A lifestyle list
The personality tests/lists – know who you are.
health list – food, fitness, physical, spirituality
goal setting – month/yr/10 yr/ bucket list
dream list – travel/ clubs/ education/ over the top out there wants and wishes
media schedule – tv/Facebook/emails/podcasts
kids schedule – toddler training and how to create stability, peace, and growth. Babysitting and playdate schedule
Everyday list – to do/hubby to do/ grocery lists
List for your marriage – date night schedule/plan “sex” talks/ schedule check ins with the relationship
Emergency list – plan for what you’re going to do when the rd gets rock

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