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I love to read! I am currently behind in a bunch of books and I am constantly picking up new titles. I have a reading goal every year and this year is no different. However I came across something that I though was fascinating and have modified it for my year of reading. I hope it encourages you to pickup a book!

A book recommended by a librarian – An audio book A book involving travel -A book of letters….(I’m working on one personally and should be complete by mid-year if your interested contact me and you can be one of the first to look at the first drafts! A book published this year -A book on career advice -A book you loved as a child -A book of pictures – A book set about time -A self help book -A book of the Bible -A book that has a character with your name -A book that’s becoming a movie – A book that’s been on your shelf for far to long – A book with a subtitle – A book about food -A book you’ve read before but always brings a smile

If this list isn’t helpful ask someone you admire to give you their reading list of favorites and start there.

Right now mine are (not in any order): 

Anne of Green Gables (reading again)

Fresh Brewed Life

Women Are Scary

Pursuit of God

James (book of bible)

Redeeming Love

Next Generation Leader

Eat More Chicken, Inspire More People

Move Toward the Mess

Talking as Fast as I can

The Magnolia Story

Present Over Perfect

The Life giving Home


Dancing Through Life

+ as you can see I am focusing a ton on home life, personal development and relationships.  There are some fun reads in the mix and this is just my list for the last few months and not “the reading list”. The list is ever evolving….as I think it should.

Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. – unknown

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