Creating Energy

This past winter I went through my traditional winter blues.  I craved comfort food, extra sleep, and movies. When this happens I know I need personal intervention. But how? How do you pull yourself out of a slump when you just don’t feel like it?

I have learned that part of this for me is my circadium rhythms and to not fight it as much as I use too. I tend to want to be on fire and motivated every single second of every singe day. Instead of creating a spiral for myself because I don’t feel that way, I allow the flow of the seasons to give me a flow as well. So for me winter is a bit more hibernating than the others. If you are in need of a pick me up, here are the Top things I do to help create more energy in myself.

  • Take Vitamins – I use only the purest forms of vitamins I can find and I am fairly consistent with taking them daily. I know when I don’t I can feel a little sluggish and off.
  • Drink 10 Glasses of Water and get Sunshine and/or Light Therapy Every Day! – I am great at this and then I’m not. I know the benefits of this and so do you! Just do it! It will make you 1000% better
  • NO tv on “School Days” – This is one of those things that I put into place when I can tell I am slacking on regular daily activities. It is usually only a month or two at a time that I do this. It is I can realize how much time I am choosing to spend on this activity. Try it! You will be shocked at how much more time you have in your evening when you aren’t catching up on everything!
  • Read Daily – it can be anything! a funny read, and encouraging article, or your French 101 book
  • Listen to Podcasts and Music that Help – It amazes me how music can enhance the mood you or in or even shift it. What we are feeding our ears is critical! Are you hearing negative noise and feedback? Change it!! Podcasts can lift me up and give a big kick in the pants in a good way if I need it and music does the same.
  • Exercise Every Day – This isn’t some crazy spin class or 10k run every day but I do move every single day! Stretching, Yoga, Walk the dog, dance class or even the treadmill for 20 minutes.
  • Journal Every Day – If I could give anyone any advice this would be it. This one practice of writing for me has been my personal therapy in life. I write probably two to four times week but when I am lack luster, it becomes a daily practice I can not miss!
  • Weekly Plan – The questions I ask are: Whats on my calendar? How a I doing? How do I want to feel about the week? What energy do I want to reflect?
  • Give 8 Hugs Every Day – Did you know this was the minimum recommendation for emotional health?
  • Cook More – This is a pleasure for me but also it is a health thing. Cooking is an entire process for me. Menus planning the store and then music, wine, and the entire evening with my family.
  • Create Beautiful Spaces by Gardening and Changing out Seasonal Decor – Another thing I just take pleasure in. What do you enjoy? What space needs to be spruced up to create energy for yourself?



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