Letters To My Children

Dear Kids,

We have been praying for you and over you since before you were born. This collection of words that I am about to share are some of the prayers we have prayed and continue to pray over you on an ongoing basis. I am sharing this so that you and others will know the power of God and the love we pour out on you a daily basis because of His grace. These words are a compilation of many sources and scriptures but they are straight from our heart.

“We pray for purity in your life and that of your spouse. We ask for protection over both of you when it comes to your innocence and purity. Protect them Lord, from others and wrong choices. Call them to a higher standard. We ask for wisdom and discernment in teaching and preparing them for a life of holiness and modesty. We also ask that you grant wisdom to the parents of their spouses parents in raising up men and women of integrity, honor, and ethics in all areas. 

Lord, we thank you for our daughter and our son, you have heaped us with bounty and we praise you for entrusting us with each of them. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. You choose them for us and we Thank you for the gift that they are to those around them. We bless each of them and ask that you fill them with whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, having virtue or anything praiseworthy, let them think on these things.

Lord, grant us wisdom. We ask you impress upon them that lying, cheating and pride is wrong. Help us to train them both up to be people of integrity and honesty starting this very day. We ask that You would raise them up to be proactive, and individuals who are for what is right. May they be aggressive for truth and what is honorable. We ask Father that you would fill their life with good relationships and the first one being with You. We ask for favor with our relationship with each of them, help us to express to each of them and for them unconditional love; may they rise up and call us blessed!

We ask for good friends and people who can be their extra council. People that they may feel accepted with and influenced by. Keep their path straight. Give them your blessing by causing godly people to positively influence them at the crossroads they each will face. 

Protect them from evils and everyday disasters that come with it. Keep them safe when they travel and keep them healthy and of discerning spirit in times of distress. Give them sharp minds to use for your glory and to put to use as you see fit. Give them a holy confidence in who they are in you. Make them dangerous for those who are in opposition of your will, so that they each might make a greater difference in their generation. Let them grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with both you Father, and with others.

Lord, we are so grateful for for each of them and Thank you for the life they are each to live and the blessing for such a time as this. Bless them with the blessings of Abraham and grant them favor in this world.”

I am so very proud of my “almost twins”.

Love, Mommy 

I write on a regular basis but my most important writing is written in two little notebooks every six months or so. I write down a story, a poem, an encouraging note, or a prayer and it is addressed to one of my children.



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