The Oxymoron of Choosing Simple

Isn’t living simple supposed to be…easy? The dictionary says “simple” means straight forward, uncomplicated, and effortless. Yet, what I have come to realize is that being intentional about a simplified life takes Herculean effort, has lots of complications, and is definitely not easily understood in a world of more, excess, and maxing out on everything.

For example, to simplify my closet, I have had to continually edit it, clean it, create a statement for wearing it and stream line laundry. (I’m still working on the last part.)

What about simplifying the calendar? Well, you have to have a calendar, which means What system is going to be best for simplicity sake? You also have to be able to see what is already scheduled out so you can make sure you don’t over extend and there by take away margin. There it is! Margin. For me, the definition of intentional simplicity means, having surplus, and space. Margin in my calendar, margin in my closet. Simplicity in my finances means space and organization to do what I’d like to do. All of this takes great effort. Simple isn’t easy.

Who we become is shaped more in our ordinary. In our mundane and simple everyday efforts, is the place we find where we are creating our future. My ordinary existence is where I find my fairy tale. It’s where I can breath a little more, give out of my margin, notice my children play and praise God for the simple pleasures of dinner time and laughter. Fighting for simple is tough, messy, and complicated. It is also 100 percent worth it.

Because the opposite of simple is living maxed out, overindulged, encumbered, excessive, overextended, cluttered and stressed. And this is where I have chosen to become a vigilant in the pursuit of simplicity. Everyone’s simple looks different. Yet it still only takes a few quick questions to see where our lives need a little more simple. This spring as you march towards sprucing up and clearing out let’s ask ourselves; what is the end game for some of the patterns we are choosing? How can you and I create more energy, vitality, breathing room, and joy?

What area in your home causes you stress?

What in you schedule is creating complications? Can you eliminate it?

What system do you use for your schedules, finances, menu planning, and chore charts? Are they working for you? How might you create simpler?

How complicated are all your tech devices? Are your tv’s different from you phone? Could your stream line and edit computer clutter, music, photo’s, streaming?

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