Dating Well

How are you energizing your date life? Unless we push ourselves and fuel our creative ideas, most of us will just go into auto pilot. You have a lifetime to unravel the mysteries of their heart, personality, and desires. There are no shortcuts here. Learning the art of dating well is a worthy endeavor to continually cultivate!

And you don’t have to have a lot of money to go on a date. So if that’s your excuse let’s get it off the table right now! The date is about the pursuit, not the event. This is so vital to remember!

When I was in my teens, I would go out on dates often. I had chosen (after a bad break up) to not “go steady” with anyone. Instead of just going solo for a while, I used people incorrectly to go out and do “events”.  I had no intention of pursuing the person and I hurt quite a few hearts.

The world of social and dating apps have only amplified this situation. It is no longer about people, relationship, and soul connections. It is about popularity, how many likes the picture gets, and how cool the place or activities are. How many of us are so focused on getting the picture of the event for our social feeds we are missing the real purpose? Pictures are not bad. I love Instagram and Pinterest as much as the next person. The question is, Are you hurting your relationship by focusing more on the activity than the person?

What habits will you change in order to energize your date life starting today? If you are not in a relationship, I encourage you to do this for yourself! Ask yourself if you are investing in you well? I can not encourage it enough! The positive effects of taking the time to infuse the pursuit of relational (and self) discovery is one of the most beautiful gifts we have as humans!

… seize every moment and don’t let a day go by without thoughtfully planning how to maximize it to the fullest!

Your Implementation Time:

  • How much money do you spend on dating?
  • How often do you date/ pursue relationship development? (Not an event but a person!!!)
  • Carve out time with your significant other to spend time pouring into your relationship ( a retreat, reading a book together, building out goals for your year).
  • Plan time with someone you love without the distraction of ANY technology. I watched someone just yesterday listen half heartedly and text someone at the same time! It is so normal now that, the person telling the story saw no problem with the fact that he was being half paid attention too! 
  • Have you ever turned off you phone completely for dinner? If you haven’t I encourage you to try it; for a whole entire week!


“You’ve got to turn the phone off, shut the laptop down, put in the vacation days, … Never stop dating. Never stop the pursuit. I promise you’ll never regret that decision.” – Steve Dahlin


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