50 Goals and Ideas to Inspire

I love the featured picture for this blog because this is my daughter overlooking the water and even though you can’t see it on her face you know she is dreaming really big!

I’m here blogging today to say, Make big dreams! And then write them down!! Keep them visible and look at them often! These are really big and some really scary goals for myself but hopefully they will fuel you to think really big and out side of the box!


  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Paris, France
  4. London, England
  5. New Zealand
  6. Canada
  7. Ireland
  8. Africa
  9. Israel
  10. Alaska
  11. Venezuela
  12. Vacation on a Greek Isle

I will 

  1. Sky dive
  2. White water raft
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Race a car
  5. Ride a motorcycle
  6. Play the piano
  7. Speak two languages
  8. Swim with dolphins
  9. Go to the olympic games
  10. Land a plane
  11. Ride a camel
  12. Attend a red carpet event

Personal Goals

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Bike for an entire day
  3. Dance competitively
  4. Write a book
  5. See my published book stacked in a store window
  6. Own a beach house
  7. Work with foster families
  8. Renew my marriage vows and have a big celebration party at our 25 year anniversary
  9. Write a marriage book with my husband
  10. Create a dynamic coaching community of 500 plus members
  11. Witness my children’s: baptisms, weddings.
  12. See my grandchildren claim Christ and drive cars
  13. Read 24 books every year
  14. “Retire” at 65 or younger, with enough of a nest egg to do so
  15. Have my own podcast
  16. Take my kids on an extended road trip and see the grande canyon
  17. Pay for my kids college
  18. 50/50 – give versus live ration
  19. Work with young married and marriage ministry full-time
  20. Go on a mission trip to meet my compassion kids


  1. Shauna Niequist
  2. Jen Hatmaker
  3. Sandra Stanley
  4. Bob Goff
  5. Beth Moore
  6. Condoleezza Rice

I long to create a joyous, abundant, and meaningful existence.

We all want to experience deep love and friendship. We want to feel mentally and physically strong, completely healthy, and financially secure. Those of us who claim Christ also want to know that we’re making a positive impact for Jesus.

I’ve created a coaching program that can help you! If you are in need of a little motivation, a push in the right direction, and a lot of encouragement I’ve got you covered! Lets create the exceptional life!!!

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