Some people have a Mantra. Other people have many mantra’s and some have never really thought about it. Getting your thoughts down and even up on a prominent wall is helpful for the focus of what you deem successful and important in life. It can change things dramatically!

There are many slogans, quotes, and phrases out there. You can take and use them, or change them up to fit your personal definition. I have taken bits and pieces of many to create my own personal thoughts on the matter. This exercise, that I do with my clients, is very motivating and inspiring. My personal notes on this are taken all the way from Scripture, Shakespeare and the Fixer Upper show on tv. You can use anything to help shape your definition.

What does being successful mean to you? What does success look like to you? What is great about life? What do you want?

Thinking on these questions and then writing out your answers can give you a base line for you. What do you want life to look like for yourself? This one exercise can keep you focused on what really matters to you and what you want out of life. So often people can get caught up following the world’s definition or what other people say, rather than a personal definition. It can create unrest, unhappiness, and even depression. Sometimes all you need is to define it for yourself and everything shifts. The pendulum swings and you are a rock star at your life!! So what’s your take on success? What do you say it looks like?

Kate’s Personal Mantra of Success:

I believe in a well-rounded life and in whole health. That there is great truth in having more than you show and speaking less than you know. I stand behind the notion that people have inherit value and family unity matters. I believe in encouraging and pointing others to greater heights of excellence. To reassure others (and myself) of our values, to dream really big, and to savor the subtle beauty of everyday things. I am a believer and an advocate for the institution of God designed marriages. I stand behind an adventurous heart and that the opportunity of your deepest desires is always worth the effort and the risk.  I believe in the passionate pursuit of balance – between hard work and rest. To live well is to live with passion, dedication, and the love of Christ Jesus.

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