Ballet Posturing

I took my daughter to school the other day and as I walked in there was someone slouched in a chair waiting on their phone. I realized it was one of the moms only after she stood up! She was sitting so sloped and hunched I missed it completely that she was an adult citizen.

Straighten up!! There is an epidemic today on really bad posture! Its awful! People either don’t care or have never been taught the benefits of standing and sitting tall. Plain and simple it makes you look bad!!

There have been multiple articles on how body posture can actually change the way you think or even act. There is a Ted talk out there about power poses I recommend to many clients and friends!
The best advice and shift I can give anyone is to straighten up. I truly believe “straighten up and your life will too.”
When you stand and sit posed, you are presenting yourself with greater opportunity. You will live longer, feel more confident, have greater energy levels, be stronger physically, have more control in a situation, and you will look better.

My favorite posturing is what I call “ballet posturing”.
Act, walk, and present yourself as if you are from the NYC ballet.
Here’s how you do it…
Stand up as if a puppet string is pulling you in opposite directions. Lengthen yourself as much as possible. Think gracefulness and strength. It’s not about standing over people but definitely standing tallest. You don’t have to be the tallest in the room to be standing the tallest. Make sense?
Roll your shoulders back and down as if presenting your heart open to the world.
Always sit tall; lean slightly forward not backward from your chair. – It shows interest and engagement (you will be amazed at everyone who follows suit)

I want to be a sunflower so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight. – MLK

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