Spring evokes cleaning spree’s, shopping for my kids new shoes, and color shifts! All of a sudden the grey and black and muted hues of winter are gone and color pops up everywhere!

It can make things seem very fresh and energizing! What colors energize you?
A colorful world is a world of meaning because people have always used color as symbol of feelings, energy, motivation, and branding. It is even proven to influence our behavior

I love color. My sister-in-law and her family make fun of me for how “bright” I am. Color really does have a part of my life. As I look on at all the “farmhouse” white and tan that is now in my house pops. I have a blue and white dinning room, a green kitchen, and a teal “playroom” .  My son’s room has strips on one wall!

My favorite colors: Peach and purple oh and don’t forget gold hues!!

What does that say about me?

PURPLE — Spiritual, passionate, visionary, regal, powerful, respected, dignified, luxurious

GOLD — Illumination, wisdom, prestige, expensive

Peach – says that if peach is your favorite color, you are gentle, charitable, and enthusiastic.

Color in rooms or what you wear has a drastic ability to create mood. That is why make-up is fascinating. So ask your self a few questions:

– What mood do I want to have as a regular backdrop to my life? What color would help create that?

– How do I want people to see me visually? Do I want to be known as classic or bold?

– If you only had one color what would it be?

–  What is your favorite colors say about you? Do you need to spice up your life or find some energy?

Add a little color. Maybe add it to your wardrobe, home, make-up, hair, nails…. and see what it can do for you!

“Orange is the happiest color”
-Frank Sinatra

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