One simple rule to never stop learning


School seemed to be the thing I just powered through. It was not what I loved, in the least. Some people would say I kinda hated it. And I was in the posh setting of homeschool! Homemaking classes, art appreciation, and literature were fascinating  – sometimes. I loved to read but not school read. Text books are just not enjoyable in my book. Cough this all up and you would think I have never stretched myself to learn anything else after high school (since college is a choice).

I may not like school but I believe in personal growth, education, and the philosophy to always learn. Because of that I went to college, and I have taken courses in time management, coaching, health, foreign languages, personal trainer certifications, tax law, writing a book, and even flight school.

Never stop growing, never give up, always be willing to change and improve. Reading is and always will be the biggest and greatest asset you ever do for yourself. It is the key to improvement. It is the very rule to never stop learning.

For your pleasure here are a few reading lists:

The Summer list: (Titles only)

Animal vegetable miracle

cold tangerines

Write it out

Bird by bird

The Road Back to You

The Power of a Praying Parent


My Favorite children’s books:

The Tale of Annabelle Hedgehog

Anne of Green Gables

Lion, The Witch and Wardrobe

Winnie the Pooh

Little House in The Big Woods

The Boxcar Children

Little Women


My re-read List:

*I am not a re-reader very often but I pick up these regularly:

Moms on Call Toddler Book


Along Came Jones

Christy Miller series


The book I always give away:

Bread and Wine

My secret reads:

*These are the books I hide from public knowledge (usually) cause they embarrass. I love them so much and I am not a 12-year-old teen anymore. I literally will stay up till early morning hours to finish these utopian titles:

Red Queen

Frost Bloods


The Maze Runner

City of Bones

The Lunar Chronicles

If you read and you read well – you can be someone with great knowledge, education, and imagination. I am grateful for people who take time to write. Thank you. I love to read, and to learn this way. I am grateful for the people who encouraged me and continue to encourage the next generations to love reading.

I would say most of the credit for my reading should go to my Mema Hoffler. She is known for this philosophy of learning through books. She was the church librarian when I was growing up. She does this by example so well! Because of it, My mother reads, I read, and my children already love to read. Thank you.

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. – Oscar Wilde



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