Secrets To The Best Marriage



There are a thousand things I could say on this topic but I believe that these four things have transformed, ignited, and encouraged my marriage the absolute best!

  • 15 Minutes

We strive every day to take 15 minutes after we are all done with work for the day to connect. We set the timer and pour a cup of tea or glass of wine and talk. Sometimes it is random things. Sometimes it is schedule coordination, sometimes it is just a place to vent. The kids know they can’t interrupt us and if they do the timer is reset! This one thing has helped us emotionally and intellectually give each other undivided attention and focus. Amongst music lessons, baseball, homework, writing projects, birthdays, gymnastics, horseback riding, meetings, extended family, ministry, and playdates it has been key to keeping “us” as priority. 

  • Vacation for Two

Every year  we go somewhere just for us.  We would love to go more but circumstances don’t always allow it. This a trip free of our kids or our extended family. We don’t go visit grandma on this trip or take the kids to Disney. This is just for us. Some years we pay  a sitter to watch them just so we can go up the road to a hotel for 1 night. We sleep in, order brunch, and dream up goals for the coming year. Other years we save and save and take a trip to Europe and just run an extended adventure just us. 

  • Pray Together Every Single Day

“A research project led by Christopher Ellison at the University of Texas, in San Antonio, reported in the Journal of Marriage and Family that when couples prayed together on a daily basis, less than 1% of those couples divorced. We can’t make more of a statement about this. The statistics are there. As Nike would say, “Just do it.” ” – exert from our book An Exceptional Romance

  • Get In the Sheets

Sex (and sleep) are both crucial for most romantic relationships to thrive! Many let this fall by the wayside as time paces. Sleep and Sex seem to fall into “only what is the bare minimum requirement”. DO Not do this! I like to call this “Be A Teenager” attitude. I am not saying revert back to basics or wear your purity ring. Teens want to sleep all the time! Rest is important to them and most of us know they are growing at incredible speeds! If you want to grow in your relationship make sure you are giving your body proper rest! Also, most teens think about sex ALL the time! (I’m generalizing but you get the idea.) A rested and romanced relationship always thrives more than a tired and lackluster one. 


Implementing these four things can give you an instantly better marriage! May you all catch the vision of greater in your Romance! 

…You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes… 

Song of Solomon 4:9

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