Hover Mom

I am hyper. I am over the top with expectations on myself (they can spill over onto others at times.) I like things “just so” and have spent most of my life trying to keep things that way. I like them that way. I like order, schedules, and neatness. My husband when we first were a couple tried to tell me how to fold towels “the right” way. I knew then and there I had met my match! When someone teases me about this I say “God is a God of order!” and then laugh but secretly I think they are crazy for not living the same way.

This is all well and good; until you have kids. They change things. Actually, they change everything and nothing, all at once. Your perfectly organized dvd collection and color coordinated closets become mass collections of “oh its clean” and the dvd’s are sorted by “kid friendly… or not”. Nothing else matters. Some people would say I’ve just learned to let loose a bit. My family would say I’m worse.

You see, instead of matching all my socks and having smear free windows I have opted to be hyper over something else. I’m hyper about my kids. I am what they call a “Hover Mom”.

the term became popular enough to become a dictionary entry in 2011. Similar terms include “lawnmower parenting,” “cosseting parent,” or “bulldoze parenting.” Helicopter parenting refers to “a style of parents who are over focused on their children,” says Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D.,

hover mom
Just as it sounds, an overly cautious mother who thinks her kid is in extreme danger all the time and can’t bare to leave it’s side.


I love my kids so much it is very easy to do this. If you work hard to even be able to have children and finally do they become very, very precious!

I recently had to drop off my children somewhere where I didn’t feel 100% ok about it. I left them with two double spaced typed sheets of instructions. All med’s (just in case) and everything but the kitchen sink. They were fine, they had a blast, and half of it was not needed. But what if….never mind. You get the point.

What is that one thing that right now is your strength but could become your downfall?

God is a God of order. He also made me this way and I like to think that He “hovers” over me. I, also, have to make sure I am trusting fully, relying on, and leaning toward Him. Making sure the gifts He has given me don’t become my fallout.

Think about it. What are your strengths? Are they also your weaknesses? Do you like to lead but because you do you struggle with correction or being a follower? Are you quiet and a great listener? Does this also make you more prone to “checkout” at times? If your aware of it you can make sure your strengths stay strengths and not the unraveling point. Lets keep our strengths, strong!

“Only you can pin point whats holding you back” – Julie Morgenstern

2 thoughts on “Hover Mom

  1. As we’ve discussed and learned, anything to the extreme (on both ends of the spectrum) can be destructive and unhealthy. You strike on amazing balance of care, responsibility, and protection while also giving them freedom to grow, develop and learn about this new BIG world. I love you angel.

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