mistyped, misspelled but the next step

I love to write. I love to read a good story. I love to tell a good story. I love my journal. It is such a great place for me to be open and to write about the boring everyday stuff and to encourage myself to be better. I can pour over pages and pages of nothing but talking about changing diapers what I ate and how I feel. I can write fast and sloppy and not worry about typo’s. It is where I decided to push myself into blogging. It’s where I convinced myself to send in an article to a magazine (after five people proof read it). Still very scary.

I am not a good “typer”. With one good hand and really bad grammar my typing skills have put a damper on my writing skills. I can text faster than I can type..it only requires one set of finger tips. I would much rather go back to pencil and paper. I feel at home there. I can erase. I can write 100x faster. But that is not where our world is and I must learn to adapt and grow. I must stretch myself. I must progress if I want to ever improve in this area and since I enjoy it so much, I better.

What is holding you back from taking those next steps to be a better version of yourself? For me I was using my typing skills and bad grammar as an excuse not to put my thoughts out there at all. I’m writing on excellence and I can’t even do it without fragmented sentences and typo’s galore! How could I start something like this doing that? But, when you are supposed to move, MOVE! Get out of your own way! The reality is I have poor grammar (that’s what spellcheck is for) I mistype all the time but, people can still grasp the ideas and concepts I am going for. I am not saying don’t work hard or just half do something, or get sloppy. However, I fear many of us are holding ourselves back, not because we don’t work hard. We are after all Americans! We are holding ourselves back more because we are afraid that putting ourselves out there and messing up. We will look uneducated, ignorant, and like fools. And maybe you will. Maybe I will too but at least I am there. Mis-typed and misspelled but doing the next thing. The next thing to improve and to be obedient to my heart. The next thing to encourage myself, my little circle of influence and the world.

The Encouragement for today:

“To leave a legacy that goes beyond accomplishment alone, a leader must devote himself to matters of the heart.You must invest in the health of your soul.” -Andy Stanley

How are you investing in the health of your heart? For me, it’s doing this…typing slowly and painfully away on things that are burning in my very core to share – even if it is bad grammar! (Which by the way I’m working on that too) Maybe you need to look into that play script, maybe you need to start that podcast or just speak in-front of a few groups. Maybe you need to throw out that business proposal and see what happens. Don’t let fear of being imperfect settle you before the next step. The next step could be perfection in the making.

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